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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Vodafone Spain with Android 4.2.2 unlock done with Z3X Samsung Tool v14.4 (without root)

How to:
- Cable UART C3300K
- Select com port box in ST software
- Press *#7284# and select "Modem"
(Only show one option interface "UART")
*default setting: "PDA"
- Press *#9090# and select "4 - DM over UART"
*default setting: "DM/DUN over HS-USB"
- Press "Unlock"

Selected model: I9505
Selected port: COM13 Z3X BOX Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Reading phone info...
Build: M9615A-CEFWTAZM-4.0.17062
Reading security... OK
Calculating... OK
Writing security... OK
Unlock done
Done with Samsung Tool v.14.4