--------========= UCT_ET_China_Tool_v1.08.exe =========-----------

New features for MTK:

* [MTK] MT6253 Auto UID decrypt supported
* [MTK] Add a new identification method for Chip-UID-Protect
* [MTK] MT6253 Start-Command protocol improved

New features for SpreadTrum:

* [SPD] Added new SC6600L-COM Boot
* [SPD] New Speardtrum USB driver supported

New Firmware v1.51:

* [FW] New Firmware Version 1.51 for UCT Box and ET-BoX Plus with New Protocols

New features for UI:

* [UI] New protect algorithm for all private file types

UCT-Box is now Definetly the BEST Box for SpreadTurm Phones

* Please Un-Install All Old Versions before installing newer.
* All files ready for download in official setup area.
UCT Box - Universal China Tool
New ET-BoX Plus : Think More!

Mirror 1 : http://www.uct.cc/UCT_Setup_v1.08.exe
Mirror 2 : http://rapidshare.com/files/43916711...etup_v1.08.ex