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    New ***All Motorola Secret Code***

    All Motorola Secret Code

    Motorola L6:
    hold * 65512890 for reset
    hold * 5806 sw version
    hold * 487989 NS lock menu
    hold * 482896 CP
    hold * 574243 NS
    hold * 967678 SP
    hold * 362628 IMSI
    hold * 787090 Lock net level
    hold * 787292 Lock net level

    Reset L7 security code without any cable
    press menu button enter 6 time 0 and then press ok

    *#06# IMEI
    in permament test mode
    (* hold 2 sec)
    ***113*1*[OK] net monitor
    T205/T19x (ACER)
    *#300# OK List the Software and Hardware version
    *#301# OK Full Keypads functional Test
    *#303# OK Set Default Language to English
    *#304# OK Set OFF engineering mode
    #304*19980722# OK Set ON engineering mode
    *#305# OK Location: 1 OK
    *#307# OK Engineering Test Mode
    *#311# OK Phone code changed to default code
    *#400# OK ADC, Cal val*
    *#402# OK Adjust Display Intensity / Contrast
    *#403# OK List the Manufacturing Informations
    19980722 OK Master Unlock code for Phone and Sim Lock
    *#302# OK Acoustic test*
    7.1 Greeting
    7.2 Main VlmGain
    7.3 Input Cal
    7.4 Output Cal
    7.5 Side In Gain
    7.6 Vox Gain
    7.7 Min Mic Engy
    7.8 More
    (a) In Vlm Gain
    (b) Aux Vlm Gain
    (c) Silence Prd
    (d) Supp Prd
    (e) In Volume
    (f) Out Volume
    (g) Icon
    (h) Image
    (i) Animation
    *3370# EFR ON (enhanced full rate)
    #3370# ERF OFF
    *#72837726# OK Confirm ?, Data saver
    1234 OK Phone code default
    *#0000# OK Setting saved, restore set phone do default language
    *#0048# OK Fast change polish langpack
    *#0007# OK Fast change russian langpack

    MOTOROLA 3xx
    *#06# and quick 'menu-key' and 048263* (Push the key quickly!)
    and entering at field "OPTCODE" you must try several times.
    If not working try with MOTO TEST CARD inserted.
    Security code - 32*118*1*0*0
    Model - 32*279*1*0*8
    Flex ver - 32*383*1*0*0
    Master Reset - 18*0
    Master Clear - 18*1
    Set band GSM 900 - 10*0*3
    Set band DCS 1800 - 10*0*4
    Set band PCS 1900 - 10*0*5
    Set dual band GSM 900/1800 - 10*0*6
    Read band - 10*1*0 => 3-GSM, 4-DCS, 5-PCS, 6-GSM/DCS
    User code - 32*116*1*0*0 /coded:00310032003300340000 - 1234/
    Read imei - 32*4*1*0*0 "OK" /coded:083a05092700247709 - 350907200427799/
    47*4*1*0*9*081A32547698103254 => IMEI=123456789012345
    it is possible to change IMEI

    Click here to enlarge

    Click here to enlarge

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