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    Default Re: Informasi Dan Tutorial

    JAF Guide Step by step

    1. Flash Settings

    1.1 Flash files

    is the main part of the software, let say that it's like the operating system

    the PPM file has mainly the language pack

    This file appeared long time ago in the new Nokia phones and has the media files, different from language areas and branded or unbranded versions

    this file is located only in the Ngage phones mainly and must use the POP-Port or MiniUsb cable to flash this section

    APE Variant
    the following file is only used when flashing APE phones like 7710, 9500, 9300...

    APE User Disk
    the following file is only used when flashing APE phones like 7710, 9500, 9300...

    Below this you can find a new option, Change Product Code

    Each Nokia phone has a Product code which varies in language contained and brnded or unbranded version. The product code comes from Factory and can be found in the stick behind the battery.

    We use this function to rewrite the product code after flashing. Then the phone will be recognised as we want by Nokia Centers.

    Below this option we have a new option(locked at this moment). If you press INF button, with a phone connected of course, we will have unlocked this feature. This feature looks the INI file of the phone you have connected.

    What is an INI file?The INI file it's a notebook file with extension *.ini that it's inside any Nokia package installed. This file is based in the different product codes that our phone has.
    The INI file will show us in the blocked area the country/Region name and if it's a branded version. When we will select a package of the list the software will look at the ini file selecting the necessary files to flash the phone.

    The last part of the Flash files guide has four options and will be done automatically when flashing

    1.Factory set:
    With this option marked the phone will be as it has left the factory at the end of the flashing process.

    this will help us to correct any possible mistake in product warranty

    After flash the software will unlock the phone

    4.Manual flash:
    Using this function you can select manually the files that are going to be flashed.
    Also can be used when the software can't search the phone or the ini file. You must press Manual Flash and then Use INI. Then a list with all the Nokia phones will appear, select your and continue as a normal flashing.

    1.2 Skip options

    We have here four options that will be skipped in the flash operation

    This means After Flash Process. The process after flashing the main files won't be done(Factory settings or whatever). It's usefull if you have connection problem because the usual errors can be found in the AFP.

    This allows you to flash a phone without looking at different MCUIDs, it's dangerous if you don't know what are you going to do...

    Skip flashing bluetooth Area, it will skip this area because sometimes bluetooth adress can be damaged when flashing.

    Will be explained later

    1.3 Security&Connection Options

    Use INI
    it's used to load INI without press INF button before

    Run INI
    I think it's used to use a ini that it's not in the usual path of the ini files(other harddrive...)

    Load NFP
    it's used for non GSM phones and means MCU for this phones.

    Easy Cable
    is a way to connect some phones-1110,6030,6060-

    RPL 208
    it's a part of the PM file that contains security info. This should be always backup by JAF software in order to avoid IMEI problems.

    FTD ON
    It will allow us to use the FTDI chip for a ultra fast flashing
    First part of the guide finished

    2. Service Operations

    The service operation options are used to modify files or manage security options that can be found in the phone. We have 15 options that we will describe carefully.
    You must select the option/s that do you want to perform and then press Service button. Let's describe the functions

    1.Read PM:
    PM or Permanent memory it's a memory inside the phone with low capacity(I think it's around 1MB. And it contains security and setup options. With this funcion we will get a copy of the content inside the phone that can be used in case of Software problems. You must put the address that you want to read of the PM(0 to 255)

    2.Write PM:
    It's the opposite action and will write a saved file. It's often used to repair phones with problems of Software or Security-IMEI

    3.Erase PM:
    It's a limit solution to repair a phone with the Software or Security problems. We will erase first the PM and then write a new one. It's also used to repair imei when changing UEM to write a new PM file for the new IMEI

    4.Self Tests:
    Using this function we can test the hardware parts of any Nokia phone and check if there is any Hardware problem if any of the tests fails.

    5.Disp Test:
    also known as Display Test, we are going to try this function in order to see how is working the screen, if there are dead pixels or damaged screen-leds

    6.Upload TUN:
    upload TUN (tunning) file for CDMA phones

    7.Factory Settings:
    Through this option we will be able to "reset" the phone to the primary state. Data will be lost and any security info will be replace by default info.

    8.Prod. Manager:
    This means Product Manager, it can be used to reset total time call and other warranty details

    9.File Sys Format:
    Used to remove any user data contained in the phone, this function it's used on Symbian phones to repair oversize files uploaded(reboot at Nokia animation hands)

    10.User Code Edit:
    This is a useful function. Through this function you will be able to read/write any user code.

    11.Upload PP:
    PP or Product Profile, used in the old DCT4 phones, may be needed after changing the PPM for decustomization, games and apps can not work

    12.Download PP:
    Just a "backup" or a file to upload to any other phone of the same kind

    13.ADC Read:
    Reads ADC values from phone like charging current, voltage, battery current voltage etc.. Very useful in detecting power problems

    14.Fun Explorer:
    It's a way to see the flash memory of the phone for the user. It will work better using Pc suite as new phones developed can hang the application

    15.Warranty reset:
    Repair warranty imei from original imei, reset repair date to none, also reset life timer to zero (carefull with life timer, it may cause contact service so saving pm is recommended before)

    3. Unlock Options

    Unlock function and the different options

    1.Init simlock
    This function will reset the lock of the phone to the first situation. It will become unlocked to any networks when you will press the Unlock Button.

    2.Write SIM file

    3.Code Calculator
    JAF software has an application inside the software to calculate the unlocking codes of any DCT4 handset. You must follow carefully the instructions and in a few seconds you will have the unlock code

    4.Read Codes
    This function was enabled some time ago in the INF button but it made a bit slow this function. If you want to give the unlock code to your costumer just select this function and then press the Unlock button

    5.Autolock NET&IMSI
    Autolock options, IMSI and NET - When set, the phone will lock itself on first inserted simcard using IMSI or NET code.

    6.Lock to network
    Write here the five characters to block the phone to the network that you consider. Be careful or it will be blocked to all networks

    4. Operation Log

    This is a normal operation log where you must see your PKEY number but you never must write in forums.
    You can check that the % of the pkey has not reach 0%. You can always stablish this number to 100% going to Pkey tab and press Update Pkey
    And the next info just remind us the version of firmware inside the box and the Pkey as well as the Nokia Loaders Address
    You must have the loaders up to date. A high percent of flashing problems is due to the loaders version.

    Operations in DCT4 Tab

    This is an extra option added to the DCT4 guide but it works in the same way in the BB5 tab.
    We have thirteen options in ths part of the window.

    Button it's used to read the phone information, like IMEI, software version inside the phone, kind of the phone, MCU,PPM, UEM, LCD versions...If you are an advanced user you can learn for the information provided here in order to repair possible problems in a phone

    JAF version 1.97.xxxxx
    Detected PKEY: 80000000
    Card life counter: 98.44%
    P-key nokia module version 01.00
    Detected JAF INTERFACE version: 01.A7
    JAF DCT4/BB5 LOADERS DIR: C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\Flash\
    JAF DCT3/DCTL LOADERS DIR: C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\Flash3\
    MCU Flash file: NONE
    PPM Flash file: NONE
    CNT Flash file: NONE
    ADSP Flash file: NONE
    APE Variant file: NONE
    APE User Flash file: NONE
    Switching to serial...
    Powering the phone...
    MCU SW version:
    (Date of IMEI warranty)
    (Type of Model)
    HW version:Phone name
    PCI version:
    UEM version:
    UPP version:
    RFIC version:
    DSP version:
    LCD version:
    PPM version:
    Production serial number:
    Product code:
    Module code:
    Basic production code:
    Flash code:
    Order number:
    Product specific data:
    Long production SN:
    Default SN type:
    ESN plain: 03308818555
    ESN hex: 21 86 8F 7B
    PDC: 4E 54 54 4A 50 12 34 56
    ESNX plain: 00000000
    ESNX hex: 00 00 00
    Master Code: 2453516132
    SPC: 000000
    XTKSL: 000000
    Phone type: , Software version: , Language Pack:
    User code: 12345
    Searching for saved ini...

    CHK button.
    It will boot the phone in flash mode, reads flash ids, load flash loaders and make FAID authentication. This is usefull in detecting flash chip problems, upp, uem problems etc, cables check

    Getting MCU ID

    MCU ID: 0x1081
    FLASH ID0: 2000C088 -> SEC Addr0: 0x00000000 - 0x00FFFFFF, SectorSize0: 10
    FLASH ID1: 2000C088 -> SEC Addr1: 0x02000000 - 0x02FFFFFF, SectorSize1: 10
    FLASH ID2: 2000C088 -> SEC Addr2: 0x04000000 - 0x04FFFFFF, SectorSize2: 10
    FLASH ID3: 2000C088 -> SEC Addr3: 0x06000000 - 0x06FFFFFF, SectorSize3: 10
    First 16 bytes: C6 00 00 EA 75 01 00 EA 78 01 00 EA 7B 01 00 EA
    Checking RAM for ALGO...
    Algo is ready...
    Phone Restarted...

    Flash, Service and (Un)Lock buttons
    Must be pressed when we will chose any of the functions of the three first steps of our guide.
    You must select firstly the function and when it's ready press one of this three buttons.

    Erase Fls.
    Use this function just when you will have learn well what it's used for. This function will leave the phone EMPTY. If you are not careful the phone will not have IMEI and you won't be able to make calls. Check that you have saved PM file and try first with any and useless old phone.

    Load Java
    As it's own name tell us, this function it's used to load JAVA Games&Apps to our phone.

    Repair BT.
    The use of this function it's nowadays nearly useless. At the beginning of the first bluetooth phones JAF software wasn't perfect and the address of the BT on the phones could be damaged. Using this function you will be able to repair any software issue. You can avoid problems just by press Skip BT in the flashing options.

    MMC Rst
    This is an extra function to remove any password in a MMC. All the information of the MMC will be lost.

    Read fls
    By using this function you will be able to read any section of a flash file in any phone. You can try it, it's free...

    Make INI
    It's used to create an INI file if it doesn't exist before with the files used for the flashing porpouse

    Prod Dir
    This will select main folder for flash files instalation for ex c:\program files\nokia\phoenix\products\

    IMEI Too
    It's for changing IMEI on ani Nokia phones.

    Phone Mode
    I personally has used this function a couple of times to check how is working the communication between cable and phone. You can change the mode to any state.

    Communication Mode
    You can perform some operations by USB Dku Cable. Here you can select what interface do you prefer.

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    SMS Before Calling...
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    Default Re: Informasi Dan Tutorial

    coba hp di flash sambil suntik tegangan yg dibutuhkan sdramnya gan.. klo masih gak bisa ic sdram nya berarti udah lemah... makanya meskipun di write ok tp hp gak mau booting.. gw pernah ngalami kayak gitu om achi..

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    Default Re: Informasi Dan Tutorial

    coba chek loader nya di flash dan flash 3 om stelo.... bisa juga masalah seperti itu dikarenakan ada loader yg hilang atau corupt..
    tapi apabila loadernya udah dichek ok... dan software nya udah ter update bisa juga gejala di sebabkan oleh lemah nya ASIC nor flash

    mohon koreksi klo salah master...

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