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    Default LG Flashing/Upgrading/Debranding Tutorial & Firmware

    LG has both GSM and CDMA phones. Here I'll discuss on how to Flash/Software Update/Debrand LG GSM phones. Flashing depends on Platform rather than Model, so you may notice one model uses one flasher but the next model uses another. Different models which are from same platform use same flasher. LG has several platforms like Infineon, Qualcomm, ADI, TI, MTK, SEMC etc. I'll try describe on each platform how to flash a phone. Remember that, till now Windows XP is the best performing Operating Syetem for LG flashing.


    Phones based on Infineon platform are flashed with GSMulti software. GSMulti has different versions like 20, 21, 30. The last one is GSMulti V30 and it supports all infineon phones till now. Infineon phones can be flashed both in USB and UART mode. Normally USB should be used, it will flash the phone in minutes where UART will take hour(s). Sometimes when phone is dead or rebooting and can't install USB driver you need to use UART then. Some old phones support only UART.

    Infineon flashing on UART
    1. You need a USB to Serial Converter BOX/Cable with correct pinout of the phone.
    2. Install and run GSMulti v30
    3. Go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select UART as communication, select correct port of Box/cable, then click OK.
    4. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting... connect POWERED OFF phone with battery to cable and press POWER button.

    Infineon flashing on USB
    1. Install GSMULti V30
    2. Connect phone to usb cable without battery, Windows will ask for driver, show driver from C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\INFINEON.
    3. Open USBMap from C:\GSMULTI, select INFINEON and click MAPPING START, reconnect the phone to usb cable without battery. Some info will show on PORT/KEYNAME, now SAVE & EXIT.
    4. Open GSMulti main software, go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select USB as communication then click OK. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting.. reconnect the cable. If flashing not start without battery just put the battery and slightly press power button.

    Some new phones are from Infineon AGold plafrom, you need to install USB PortMapping Setup_1.7. Run USBMap_V07 from C:\GSMULTI, select INFINEON AGold Series and do mapping, rest of the procedure is same.


    Phones based on Qualcomm platform are flashed with LGMDP, LGDP1, LGDP2 etc. Several updates came for these flashers.You need the USB cable, UART flashing not supported for this platform.

    Flashing with LGMDP
    1. Install LG United Modem Driver, connect the phone to PC through USB cable and let the drivers to be installed.
    2. Opne LGMDP soft, click on the Select Port, new window will pop up.Your phone model and firmware version will be showed up there, if the phone is supported with that LGMDP version it will be automatically ticked on the checkbox. Now click Connect.
    3. A new window will pop up for firmware selection. Browse and select your firmware folder in the Select Image box, all files will be automatically selected. You can change any certain file from the browse button. If you are using a DZ firmware click DZ button on the right lower corner of the window and and select that.
    4. Select data handling option:
    NV Backup/Restore: NV Backup/Restore always have to be done, and it is default selected option. Backup the NV data and restore the backed up NV data automatically.
    Reset database & Contents: User related data including the setting data on the EFS is reset in the handset. The contents in the handset will be erased.
    Erase_EFS: The calibration data, user contents, media, and module will be erased. Only calibration data is kept when NV backup/restore is checked.
    Keep All Contents: No user data will be erased.
    5. Now click Start and relax.

    Emergency Download Mode: Qualcomm phones support a special mode named emergency download mode. In this mode, minimum units for downloading is occured so that users can download the images again in case of emergency situation. AMSS Modem, Media and Module Images won't be flashed in this mode. You may need it when the phones not power on normally/incrorrectly flashed earlier etc.

    Flashing with LGDP2
    1. Downlaod LGDP2 V36 UMTS Setup_Release and extract, go to LGDP2_31_INCLUDE_LGDP1_Setup folder and install the exe (use serial number). Now copy all the files from DOWNLOAD folder and paste on C:\DOWNLOAD (overwrite if needed).
    2. Install LG United Modem Driver, connect the phone to PC through USB cable and let the drivers to be installed.
    3. You'll need firmware in DZ format and the correct DLL for your model.
    4. Open LGDP2_V36_UMTS (for example) from C:\DOWNLOAD, select UMTS in Division and click OK.
    5. Select port (check Device Manager for LG USBModem Port number), you can set a range from easy select or select manually. Select DLL and select firmware in Downlaod Configuration. Click OK.
    6. Click START in main window and connect the phone in Emergency download mode.


    ADI phones are flashed with GSMulti. Can be flashed both in USB and UART mode, old phone only support UART.

    ADI flashing on UART

    1. Install and run GSMulti v30
    2. Go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select UART as communication, select correct port of Box/cable, then click OK.
    3. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting... connect POWERED OFF phone with battery to cable and press POWER button.

    ADI flashing on USB

    1. Install GSMULti V30
    2. Install MTK Download Setting.
    3. Connect POWERED OFF phone to usb cable, Windows will ask for driver, show driver from C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK.
    4. Open USBMap from C:\GSMULTI, select MTK(ADI) and click MAPPING START, reconnect the phone to USB cable (re-insert battery also). Some info will show on PORT/KEYNAME, now SAVE & EXIT.
    5. Open GSMulti main software, go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select USB as communication then click OK. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting.. reconnect the cable.Press POWER but if not start automatically.


    MTK based phones are flashed with Leo Tool. You need COM box/cable to flash, USB not supported.

    Flashing Procedure
    1. Download and Install Leo Tool.
    2. Open Leo Downlaod Tool, select correct COM port for your BOX/cable.
    3. Click Setting and select firmware in pcs format, software will show waiting, connect phone to BOX/cable and press POWER button, keep pressed till the download agent is finished.
    4. Release POWER button and let Leo Tool do the rest.


    TI phones are also flashed with GSMulti.

    TI flashing on UART

    1. Install and run GSMulti v30
    2. Go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select UART as communication, select correct port of Box/cable, then click OK.
    3. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting... connect POWERED OFF phone with battery to cable and press POWER button.

    TI flashing on USB

    1. Install GSMULti V30
    2. Install LGE_GSM_Device_Driver_OMAPV1030_1.0 from C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\TI_NEPTUNE
    2. Connect POWERED OFF phone to usb cable and install driver.
    3. Open USBMap from C:\GSMULTI, select TI and click MAPPING START, reconnect the phone to USB cable (re-insert battery also). Some info will show on PORT/KEYNAME, now SAVE & EXIT.
    4. Open GSMulti main software, go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select USB as communication then click OK. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting.. reconnect the cable.Press POWER but if not start automatically.

    ~SEMC (A2)~

    Flashing Procedure
    1. Downlaod LGDP2 V36 UMTS Setup_Release and extract, go to LGDP2_31_INCLUDE_LGDP1_Setup folder and install the exe (use serial number). Now copy all the files from DOWNLOAD folder and paste on C:\DOWNLOAD (overwrite if needed). Copy meflash.dll from C:\DOWNLOAD\EMP_DL_USBDriver to C:\DOWNLOAD if not exist there.
    2. Connect the phone in POWERED OFF/SPECIAL BOOT MODE (varies on different model) to usb cable and show driver from C:\DOWNLOAD\EMP_DL_USBDriver.
    3. Open LGDP2_V34_UMTS_KF750 from C:\DOWNLOAD, select UMTS in Division and click OK.
    5. Select DLL and click Run Download Configuration. Add .ssw files in LGE image box and .map files in LGE GDFS box. Click OK.
    6. Click START in main window and reconnect the phone in POWERED OFF/SPECIAL BOOT MODE.

    Here are some LG phones and their platforms,

    Infineon: GB100, GB100a, GB101, GB102, GB102GO, GB105, GB105a, GB106, GB107, GB108, GB109, GB110, GB115, GB125, GB125a, GB125b, GB125R, GB130, GB210, GB220, GB220GO, GB220N, GB220NGO, GB230, GB250, GB250f, GB250g, GB255, GB255f, GB255g, GB258, GB280, GC900, GC900e, GC900f, GD310, GD350, GD510, GD510GO, GD510N, GD550, GD550e, GD900, GD900e, GD900f, GD910, GD910c, GD970, GM310, GM310f, GM310g, GS100, GS101, GS101a, GS101GO, GS102, GS105, GS106, GS107, GS107a, GS108, GS117, GS155, GS155a, GS155b, GS290, GS290GO, GS290N, GS290NGO, GS390, GS390GO, GS500, GS500g, GS500v, GT350, GT350GO, GT350i, GT360, GT365, GW520, GW525, GW525f, GW525g, KC550, KC550d, KC560, KC780, KE260, KE600, KE608, KE770, KE800, KE820, KE850, KE850a, KE858, KE970, KE970GO, KF350, KF350d, KF510, KF510c, KF510d, KF600, KF600c, KF600d, KF900, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KM380, KM380c, KM380d, KM380T, KM385, KM900, KM900e, KM900f, KP100, KP105, KP106a, KP106b, KP107, KP107a, KP108, KP270, KP275, KP500, KP501, KP502, KP550, KP570, KS360, KS365, KS660,

    Infineon AGold: GM360, GM360GO, GM360i, GM600, GU220, GU230, GX300, GX500

    Qualcomm: BL20, BL20e, BL20GO, BL20T, BL20V, BL40, BL40e, BL40f, BL40g, BL42k, CB630, CT810, CT815, CU405, CU500, CU500V, CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920, GD570, GD570AQ, GD880, GD880f, GD880g, GM630, GM730, GM730e, GM735, GM750, GM750h, GM750n, GM750Q, GR700, GS505, GT540, GT540f, GT540g, GT540GO, GT540R, GT950, GU280, GU280f, GU285, GU285f, GU285g, GU290, GU290v, GU292, GU295, GU295g, GW620, GW620f, GW620g, GW620R, GW820, GW825, GW825v, HB620, HB620T, KB620, KB770, KB775f, KC910, KC910e, KC910i, KC910Q, KC910Qa, KE990, KE990c, KE990d, KE998, KF310, KF311, KF390, KF390Q, KF690, KF700, KF701, KT610, KT615, KU250, KU310, KU311, KU380, KU385, KU450, KU800, KU950, KU970, KU990, KU990GO, KU990i, KU990R, TU500, TU515, TU720, U250, U300, U300c, U310, U310c, U370, U450, U830, U880, U890, U900,U960, U990.

    ADI: GM200, GM205, GM210, GW300, GW300FD, GW300GO, GW305, GW880, KF240, KF20c, KF240d, KF240T, KF245C, KF300, KF300c, KF300e, KG108, KG110, KG118, KG120, KG130, KG130GO, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG245, KG280, KG290, KG291, KG296, KG320, KG800, KG920, KP110, KP115, KP130, KP135, KP170, KP175, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP210, KP215, KP230, KP233, KP260, KP265, KP293i,

    TI: CG180, CG225, CG300, CP150, GD330, GD335, KE500, KE508, KE590, KM500, KM501, KM710, KM710d

    MTK: GB160, GB160a, GB160b, GB161, GB165, GB170, GB175, GB190, GB190a, GB195, GB270, GS190, GS205, GX200, KF301, KG190, KG195, KG200, KG300, KM330, KM335

    CF360, GD580, GD710, GR500, GR500f, GR500R, GR501, GT400, GT400GO, GT405, GT500, GT500N, GT505, GT505e, GW370, GW370B, KF750, KF755, KF757, KF758, KS500, KT520, KT525

    ---------- Post added at 19:57 ---------- Previous post was at 18:58 ----------

    Ini beberapa file dll's :

    • AN270 AN510
    • AS680 AS740
    • AX140 AX145 AX155 AX245 AX260 AX265 AX275GO AX500 AX565 AX585 AX830 AX8370 AX840A AX8575 AX8600
    • BL20 BL20T BL20V BL20e BL40 BL40e BL40f BL40g BL42K
    • CB630
    • CE110
    • CF360 CF750
    • CG180
    • CM101
    • CP150
    • CT810
    • CU515 CU720 CU915 CU920
    • CX1000 CX10000B CX10000T CX125 CX150 CX150B CX150V CX160P CX160V CX200 CX210 CX230S CX230V CX231 CX245 CX260 CX265 CX280 CX285 CX3200 CX325 CX3300 CX380 CX385 CX4750 CX490 CX535 CX5400 CX550 GCX5500 CX5550 CX570 CX570V CX600 CX6070 CX6100 CX6200 CX670 CX700 CX7100 CX800 CX8100 CX830 CX8500 CX8550 CX8560 CX8600 CX8700B CX8700T CX8800 CX9100 CX9200 CX9600 CX9700
    • GB100 GB101 GB102 GB102GO GB105 GB107 GB108 GB109 GB125 GB126 GB210 GB220 GB220GO GB230 GB250 GB250f GB250g GB255 GB255f GB258 GB280
    • GC900 GC900e GC900F
    • GD310 GD330 GD335 GD350 GD510 GD510GO GD510N GD550 GD550e GD570 GD580 GD710 GD880 GD880G GD880f GD888 GD900 GD900e GD900f GD910 GD910c GD970
    • GM200 GM205 GM210 GM310 GM310f GM310g GM360 GM360GO GM360i GM600 GM600s GM630 GM650s GM730 GM730e GM730f GM735 GM750 GM750N GM750Q GM750h
    • GR500 GR500R GR500f GR501 GR700
    • GS100 GS101 GS101GO GS102 GS105 GS106 GS107 GS108 GS117 GS155 GS170 GS290 GS290GO GS290N GS290NG0 GS390 GS500 GS500V GS500g GS505
    • GT350 GT350GO GT350i GT360 GT365 GT370 GT400 GT400GO GT405 GT500 GT500N GT505 GT505e GT540 GT540G GT540GO GT540R GT540f GT550 GT810h GT950
    • GU200 GU200a GU220 GU230 GU280 GU280f GU282 GU285 GU285f GU285g GU290V GU290f GU290fPO GU292 GU295 GU295g GU297
    • GW300 GW300GO GW305 GW370 GW370B GW382F GW520 GW525 GW620 GW620R GW620f GW620g GW820 GW825 GW825V GW880
    • GX300 GX500
    • HB620 HB620T
    • KB620 KB770 KB775f
    • KC550 KC560 KC780 KC910 KC910Q KC910Qa KC910e KC910i
    • KE500 KE508 KE520 KE590 KE590i KE600 KE770 KE800 KE820 KE850 KE858 KE970 KE990
    • KF240 KF245 KF300 KF305 KF310 KF311 KF350 KF390 KF510 KF600 KF690 KF700 KF701 KF750 KF755 KF757 KF758 KF900
    • KG108 KG110 KG115 KG119 KG120 KG129 KG130 KG180 KG208 KG210 KG220 KG225 KG228 KG238 KG240 KG245 KG248 KG270 KG271 KG275 KG276 KG278 KG280 KG285 KG288 KG289 KG290 KG291i KG296 KG298 KG320 KG328 KG330 KG338 KG370 KG375 KG800 KG810 KG90 KG920
    • KM380 KM385 KM500 KM501 KM553 KM555 KM555E KM570 KM710 KM900
    • KP100 KP105 KP106 KP107 KP108 KP109 KP110 KP115 KP130 KP135 KP150 KP151 KP152 KP160 KP170 KP175 KP190 KP200 KP202 KP202i KP210 KP215 KP230 KP233 KP235 KP260 KP265 KP270 KP275 KP293i KP330 KP500 KP501 KP502 KP505 KP550 KP570Q
    • KS20 KS200 KS360 KS365 KS500 KS660
    • KT520 KT525 KT610 KT615 KT878
    • KU580 KU990i
    • L01A L01B L01C L02B L02C L03A L03B L03C L04A L04B L04C L05C L06A L06C L07C L08C L09C L10C L852i
    • A100 A108 A110 A130 A133 A165 A170 A175 A180 A190 A200 A210 A225 A230 A250 A255 A258 A310 A310F A350
    • C100 C105 C270 C280 C300 C300GO C305 C310 C320 C320i C330 C330i C360 C375 C550 C555 C660 C710h C729DW C800 C900 C900B C900K C900N
    • E300 E500 E510 E510F E720 E720B E730 E739 E900 E900H E906
    • P350 P355 P500 P500H P503 P505 P506 P509 P520 P525 P610s P690 P692 P693 P698F P920 P920H P925 P930 P970 P990 P993 P999
    • S310 S360 S365
    • T300 T310 T310i T315 T320 T325 T500 T505 T510 T515 T530
    • V900 V901 V909
    • LG100 LG100C LG102 LG145PO LG200C LG210 LG220C LG221C LG230 LG231C LG235 LG245 LG260 LG265 LG290C LG300 LG300G LG325G LG355 LG357 LG370 LG410G LG420G LG430G LG500G LG501C LG510 LG511C LG600G LG620G LG700 LG800G LG840 LG900G
    • LN240 LN510
    • LS670 LS855
    • LW310 LW690
    • LX101 LX1200 LX125 LX140 LX150 LX160 LX165 LX225 LX260 LX265 LX290 LX325 LX350 LX370 LX400 LX535 LX550 LX570 LX600 LX610
    • MG150 MG160b MG161a MG165a MG185d MG220c MG220d MG225d MG230d MG235c MG280c MG280d MG295d MG296c MG296d MG320c MG320d MG370a MG370b MG377a MG377b MG800d MG810c MG810d
    • MN180 MN510
    • MT310 MT3200 MT375
    • MX5400
    • RD10000 RD2030 RD2130 RD2230 RD2330 RD2340 RD2430 RD2530 RD2630 RD2650 RD2670 RD2690 RD2710 RD2720 RD2750 RD3000 RD3100 RD3330 RD3470 RD3500 RD3510 RD3530 RD3540 RD3550 RD3600 RD3610 RD3630 RD3640 RD5130 RD5340 RD6000 RD6100 RD6110 RD6130 RD6150 RD6200 RD6230 RD6250 RD6330 RD6500 RD6600 RD6700 RD7130 RD7230 RD8000 RD9100 RD9800
    • TB100 TB200 TB260
    • TE365 TE365GO
    • TM240 TM250 TM525 TM540C
    • UN150 UN200 UN270 UN430 UN431 UN510 UN610
    • US670 US740 US760
    • UX145 UX210 UX220 UX245 UX260 UX265 UX280 UX300 UX310 UX3300 UX355 UX380 UX390 UX4270 UX4750 UX5000 UX5550 UX565 UX585 UX6100 UX700 UX830 UX840
    • VM101 VM265 VM510 VM670 VM701
    • VN150 VN250 VN251 VN270 VN271 VN530
    • VS660 VS700 VS740 VS750 VS761 VS910
    • VX1000 VX10000 VX11000 VX3200 VX3300 VX3400 VX3450 VX4500 VX4600 VX4650 VX4700 VX5200PP VX5300 VX5400 VX5500 VX5500PP VX5600 VX6000 VX6100 VX7000 VX7100 VX8000 VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8360 VX8370 VX8500 VX8500G VX8500P VX8500PP VX8500R VX8500RPP VX8500W VX8550 VX8550APP VX8550B VX8550PP VX8550R VX8560 VX8560B VX8575 VX8600 VX8610 VX8700 VX8800 VX8800P VX9100 VX9200 VX9400 VX9600 VX9700 VX9800 VX9800M VX9900-G VX9900 VX9900O
    Download :
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    Default Re: LG Flashing/Upgrading/Debranding Tutorial

    Firmware LG T310i :

    ---------- Post added at 20:13 ---------- Previous post was at 20:07 ----------

    ini saya nemu link dari forum tetangga semoga bisa berguna juga di sini :

    All the links were deleted recently. I'm uploading latest model files, will share you links gradually. Please be patient.

    BL Series
    BL20 BIN_BL20AT-00-V10l-EUR-XXX-JUN-23-2010
    BL20E BL20eAT-00-V10k-CHN-XX-DEC-11-2010
    BL20GO DZ_BL20AT-01-V10a-234-10-SEP-06-2009
    BL20CF BIN_BL20cfAT-01-V10a-724-06-APR-07-2010
    BL20V BIN_BL20vAT-00-V10h-454-XXX-AUG-26-2010
    BL40 BIN_BL40AT-00-V10k-CIS-XX-MAY-13-2010
    BL40E BL40eAT-00-V10h-OPEN-XX-APR-30-2010
    BL40G BL40g-DZ-V10a-OCT-13-2009-TELUS-CA
    BL40F DZ_BL40fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-OCT-13-2009
    BL42K BIN_BL42kAT-00-V10b-505-01-NOV-02-2009
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GB Series
    GB100 GB100-00-V10f-404-XX-FEB-03-2009
    GB101 GB101-00-V10e-460-XX-SEP-17-2009
    GB102 GB102-00-V10b-230-XX-APR-24-2009
    GB102GO GB102GOFL-04-V10b-262-07-MAR-25-2009
    GB105 GB105-00-V10f-404-XX-FEB-03-2009
    GB106 GB106-00-V10c-ESA-XX-FEB-04-2009
    GB107 GB107-00-V10c-ARB-XX-NOV-25-2009
    GB109 GB109-00-V10d-ARB-XX-NOV-09-2009
    GB110 GB110-00-V10m-ARB-XX-NOV-17-2009
    GB125 GB125-00-V10d-ARB-XX-DEC-15-2009
    GB130 GB130-00-V10a-CIS-XX-MAY-28-2009
    GB160 GB160-00-V10C-CIS-XX-JAN-26-2010
    GB250 GB250AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-JUL-07-2009-0
    GB270 GB270-00-V10f-ESA-XX-SEP-07-2009
    GB280 GB280AT-00-V10a-724-XXX-FEB-08-2010-5
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GC Series
    GC900 GC900AT-00-V10o-EUR-XXX-DEC-15-2009
    GC900E GC900eAT-00-V10c-460-XXX-JUL-23-2009
    GC900F GC900fAT-00-V10d-505-01-NOV-05-2009
    GC900FGO GC900FGOAT-01-V10d-505-01-JUL-23-2010
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GD Series
    GD300s GD300s-00-V10s-460-00-APR-11-2010_ROM
    GD330 GD330AT-00-V10l-EUR-XX-NOV-03-2009-0.bin
    GD335 GD335AT-00-V10j-ARB-XXX-JAN-04-2010.bin
    GD350 ROM_GD350AT-00-V10f-ARB-XXX-JUN-03-2010-0
    GD510 ROM_GD510AT-00-V10g-EUR-XX-APR-19-2010-0
    GD510GO ROM_GD510GOAT-00-V10c-262-07-DEC-30-2009-0
    GD510N ROM_GD510NAT-00-V10c-232-03-MAR-10-2010-0
    GD510NGO ROM_GD510NAT-00-V10c-234-30-MAR-10-2010-0
    GD550 ROM_GD550AT-00-V10b-EUR-XX-MAY-10-2010-0
    GD550e BIN_GD550eAT-00-V10e-460-XX-NOV-15-2011-0
    GD570AQ DZ_GD570AQAT-00-V10k-310-260-NOV-03-2010-0
    GD570AV DZ_GD570AVAQAT-01-V10j-302-500-OCT-14-2010-0
    GD710 BIN-GD710AT-00-V10f-310-410-SEP-25-2009-0
    GD580 BIN_GD580-00-V10b-MEA-XX-JAN-08-2010-0
    GD880 BIN_GD880AT-00-V10e-EUR-XX-SEP-09-2010-0
    GD900 GD900AT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-JUN-24-2009-3
    GD900e GD900eAT-00-V10e-460-XXX-AUG-25-2009-0
    GD910 GD910AT-00-V10f-XXX-XXX-OCT-29-2009-0.bin
    GD970 BIN_GD970AT-00-V10d-MLE-XXX-JUN-17-2010-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GM Series
    GM200 GM200AT-00-V10c-ESA-XXX-JUN-01-2009-0
    GM205 ROM_GM205AT-00-V10b-202-01-JAN-18-2010-0
    GM205GO ROM_GM205GOAT-02-V10b-262-03-FEB-22-2010-0
    GM210 GM210AT-00-V10a-724-XXX-JUN-02-2009-2
    GM310 GM310AT-00-V10k-EUR-XX-JUL-07-2009-0
    GM310f GM310fAT-00-V10d-530-05-JUN-21-2009-1
    GM310g GM310gAT-00-V10a-722-310-APR-27-2009-2
    GM360 ROM_GM360AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-MAY-15-2010-0
    GM360GO ROM_GM360AT-00-V10a-234-10-MAY-14-2010-0
    GM360i ROM_GM360iAT-00-V10a-EUR-XXX-SEP-06-2010-0
    GM600 GM600AT-00-V10d-724-XXX-MAY-31-2010-2
    GM600s GM600s-00-V10f-460-00-DEC-16-2010-0_DL
    GM630 DZ_GM630AT-00-V10a-724-XXX-APR-14-2009-6
    GM650s GM650s-00-V10j-460-00-DEC-16-2010-0_DL
    GM730 DZ-GM730AT-00-V10c-CIS-XX-SEP-30-2009-0
    GM730e DZ-GM730eAT-00-V20j-460-001-JAN-22-2010-0
    GM750 GM750AT-00-V10f-234-15-NOV-04-2009-0-DZ
    GM750N GM750NAT-00-V10d-206-01-OCT-12-2009-2-DZ
    GM750Q BIN_GM750QAT-00-V10d-724-00-FEB-14-2010-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GR Series
    GR500 BIN-GR500AT-01-V10o-310-410-MAY-13-2010-0
    GR500R BIN-GR500RAT-00-V10g-302-720-APR-14-2009-2
    GR500F BIN-GR500fAT-00-V10d-505-01-JUL-13-2009-0
    GR500FD BIN-GR500FDAT-00-V10e-302-370-FEB-01-2010-0
    GR500FGO BIN-GR500fGOAT-01-V10d-505-01-FEB-03-2010-0
    GR501 BIN-GR501AT-03-V10f-302-610-APR-02-2010-0
    GR700 GR700-DZ-V10g-MAR-06-2010-ATT-US
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GS Series
    GS100 BIN_GS100AT-00-V10c-520-XXX-OCT-29-2010-0
    GS101 ROM_GS101AT-00-V10d-EEU-XXX-OCT-18-2010-0
    GS101a ROM_GS101aAT-01-V10a-334-020-APR-03-2010-2
    GS101GO ROM_GS101GOAT-04-V10b-262-07-APR-05-2010-0
    GS102 BIN_GS102AT-00-V10e-ESA-XXX-NOV-30-2010-0
    GS105 ROM_GS105AT-00-V10d-EEU-XXX-OCT-18-2010-0
    GS106 GS106AT-00-V10d-CIS-XXX-APR-29-2010-0
    GS107 GS107AT-00-V10c-CIS-XXX-APR-13-2010
    GS107a ROM_GS107aAT-01-V10a-334-020-FEB-23-2010-3
    GS108 ROM_GS108AT-00-V10g-466-XXX-NOV-24-2010-0
    GS117 ROM_GS117AT-00-V10f-IND-XXX-JUN-22-2010-0
    GS170 BIN_GS170AT-01-V10j-310-260-JUL-14-2011-0
    GS155 BIN_GS155AT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-JAN-26-2011-0
    GS155a BIN_GS155aAT-01-V10a-724-06-MAR-24-2010-5
    GS155b GS155bAT-00-V10b-724-XXX-FEB-14-2011-0
    GS190 BIN_GS190-00-V10j-404-XX-APR-20-2011
    GS200 GS200-00-V10e-AME-XX-FEB-09-2010
    GS205 BIN_GS205-00-V10d-404-XX-FEB-10-2011
    GS290 ROM_GS290AT-00-V10i-EUR-XXX-JUN-11-2010-0
    GS290GO BIN_GS290GOAT-01-V10d-262-02-JUN-11-2010-0
    GS290N ROM_GS290NAT-01-V10a-216-30-JUN-07-2010-0
    GS290NGO ROM_GS290NAT-02-V10a-262-01-MAY-31-2010-0
    GS390GO BIN_GS390GOAT-00-V10p-310-410-JUL-22-2010-0
    GS500 ROM_GS500AT-00-V10m-EUR-XXX-JUL-13-2010-0
    GS500v ROM_GS500vAT-00-V10i-ESA-XXX-SEP-16-2010-0
    GS500f ROM_GS500fAT-01-V10a-334-020-MAY-04-2010-1
    GS500g BIN_GS500gAT-01-V10a-334-030-JUL-21-2010-0
    GS500gX BIN_GS500gXAT-01-V10b-302-220-AUG-19-2010-0
    GS505 DZ_GS505AT-00-V10j-310-260-MAY-22-2010-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GT Series
    GT350 ROM_GT350AT-00-V10s-EUY-XXX-AUG-28-2010-0
    GT350F BIN_GT350FAT-00-V10a-302-370-JAN-12-2011-0
    GT350GO ROM_GT350AT-01-V10a-234-10-MAY-17-2010-0
    GT350i ROM_GT350iAT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-SEP-22-2010-0
    GT360 ROM_GT360AT-00-V10a-BRA-XXX-MAY-14-2009-2
    GT365 GT365AT-00-V10h-310-410-JUN-15-2009-0
    GT365GO BIN_GT365AT-00-V11l-310-410-JUL-09-2010-0
    GT400 BIN_GT400AT-00-V10h-EUR-XX-SEP-23-2010-0
    GT400GO BIN-GT400GOAT-00-V10g-VDF-GB-JUL-23-2010-0
    GT405 BIN_GT405AT-00-V10c-EUR-XX-AUG-09-2010-0
    GT500 BIN_GT500AT-00-V10f-226-XXX-DEC-15-2010-0
    GT500GO BIN_GT500AT-00-V10k-TMO-DE-OCT-21-2010-0
    GT500s GT500s-00-V10e-XXX-XX-Mar-03-2011-0_DL
    GT505e BIN-GT505eAT-00-V10f-460-XX-JUN-09-2010-0
    GT505 BIN_GT505AT-00-V10f-EUR-XXX-DEC-14-2010-0
    GT540 DZ_GT540AT-00-V20b-EUR-XX-MAR-18-2011-0
    GT540R DZ_GT540RAT-00-V20a-RGS-CA-DEC-11-2010
    GT540GO DZ_GT540GOAT-00-V20a-204-04-MAR-24-2011-0
    GT540f DZ_GT540fAT-00-V20a-TEL-AU-DEC-09-2010
    GT550 ROM-GT550AT-00-V10m-310-410-NOV-03-2010-0
    GT810H GT810HAT-DZ-00-V10c-OPEN-SHIP-BR-MAR-18-2009-4
    GT910s GT910s-00-V10g-460-00-FEB-23-2011-0_DL
    GT950 BIN_GT950AT-00-V10g-310-410-NOV-24-2009-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GU Series
    GU200 ROM_GU200AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-AUG-20-2010-0
    GU200A ROM_GU200aAT-00-V10a-VIV-XXX-JUN-17-2010-3
    GU200B GU200bAT-00-V10b-724-XXX-FEB-14-2011-0
    GU220 BIN_GU220AT-00-V10r-404-XXX-JUL-04-2011-0
    GU230 ROM_GU230AT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-JUL-19-2010-0
    GU230GO BIN_GU230GOAT-01-V10c-234-30-DEC-17-2010-0
    GU280 BIN_GU280AT-00-V10m-OPEN-XX-MAY-26-2010-0
    GU282 BIN_GU282AT-00-V10b-425-01-JUL-09-2010-0
    GU285 BIN_GU285AT-00-V10b-505-XX-JUL-01-2010-0
    GU285F BIN_GU285fAT-01-V10a-724-05-DEC-28-2009-3
    GU285G BIN_GU285gAT-01-V10a-TGO-XXX-JAN-26-2010-3
    GU290F GU290f-DZ-V10e-DEC-20-2010-TNZ-NZ
    GU290V GU290V-DZ-V10e-SEP-08-2010-VMB-CA
    GU297 GU297-DZ-V10d-OCT-05-2010-AMC-CA
    GU297a GU297a-DZ-V10e-OCT-19-2010-AVC-CA
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GW Series (Japan)
    GW300 GW300AT-00-V10i-EUY-XX-JUN-22-2010-0.bin
    GW305 GW305AT-00-V10d-AME-XX-SEP-17-2010-0.bin
    GW300FD GW300FDAT-00-V10c-302-370-MAY-05-2010-0.bin
    GW370 BIN-GW370AT-00-V10g-310-410-FEB-10-2011-0
    GW382f ROM-GW382fAT-01-V10d-505-01-JUL-22-2010-0
    GW520 ROM_GW520AT-00-V10c-EEU-XXX-JAN-05-2010-0
    GW520GO GW520AT-01-V10e-234-10-OCT-26-2009-1.bin
    GW525g BIN_GW525gAT-01-V10d-302-220-MAR-25-2010-0
    GW525 BIN_GW525AT-00-V10i-ARB-XXX-JUN-04-2010-0
    GW525gX ROM_GW525gXAT-01-V10d-302-220-AUG-31-2010-0
    GW550 BIN_GW550OL-00-V10d-USA-XXX-MAR-26-2010-0
    GW550h BIN_GW550hOL-01-V10a-334-020-APR-07-2010-1
    GW620 GW620AT-00-V20d-EUY-XX-JAN-03-2011-0-DZ
    GW620R BIN_GW620RAT-00-V10q-RGS-CA-NOV-01-2010-0-DZ
    GW620f BIN_GW620fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-FEB-18-2010-2-DZ
    GW820 GW820AT-01-V10g-310-410-APR-16-2010-0_DZ
    GW825 DZ_GW825AT-02-V10c-302-220-NOV-08-2009-3
    GW825v DZ_GW825vAT-00-V10d-454-XX-MAY-17-2010-0
    GW880 GW880-00-V10v-460-00-FEB-12-2011-0_DL
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    GX Series
    GX200 BIN_GX200-00-V10g-EEU-XX-FEB-09-2011
    GX300 ROM_GX300AT-00-V10d-EUR-XXX-NOV-17-2010-0
    GX500 GX500AT-00-V10e-EUR-XXX-JUN-28-2010-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    L Series (Japan)
    L01A L01A-V10d-FEB-02-2009-DCM-JP
    L01B L01B-V10e-MAY-20-2011-D-OFC-DZ
    L01C L01C-V10a-NOV-08-2010-DCM-D-OFC-DZ
    L01D L01DAT-01-V20c-440-10-AUG-29-2012
    L01E LGL01EAT-00-V10a-DCM-JP-SEP-28-2012-2
    L02A L02A-VT0c-440-10-Jun-22-2012_EXE
    L02B L02B-V10d-MAY-10-2010-DCM-JP
    L02C L02C-01-V10d-440-10-OCT-10-2012
    L02D L02DAT-01-V20a-440-10-AUG-29-2012-0
    L03A L03A-V10e-JUN-14-2010-DCM-R-OFC-DZ
    L03B L03B-V10d-SEP-02-2011-DCM-D-OFC-DZ
    L03C L03C-V10a-DEC-27-2010-DCM-D-OFC-DZ
    L04D L04D-01-V10a-440-10-MAY-15-2012
    L05A L05A-01-VT0b-440-10-Jun-22-2012_EXE
    L05C L05C-01-V10a-440-10-JAN-25-2011
    L05D LGL05DAT-01-V10d-440-10-JUL-20-2012-0
    L06A L06A-V10g-DEC-20-2010-DCM-OFC-DZ
    L06C L06CAT-00-V10t-NTT-JP-AUG-13-2012-0
    L06D L06DAT-01-V10k-440-10-OCT-17-2012-0
    L07A L07A-01-V10d-440-10-JUN-14-2012_EXE
    L07C L07C-01-V10d-440-10-DEC-21-2011
    L08C L08C-01-V10a-440-10-APR-14-2011
    L09C L09C-01-V10c-440-10-NOV-09-2011
    L10C L10C-V10d-APR-17-2012-DCM-D-OFC-DZ
    L704i L704i-V10d-OCT-07-2008-DCM-JP
    L705i L705i-V10b-JUN-09-2008-DCM-JP
    L705ix L705iX-DZ-V10c-MAR-17-2009-DCM-JP
    L706ie L706ie-V10b-SEP-30-2008-DCM-JP
    L852i L852i-V10c-NOV-13-2008-DCM-JP
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGA Series
    A133 BIN_LGA133AT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-MAR-06-2011_0
    A155 BIN_LGA155AT-00-V10c-AME-XXX-JAN-20-2011_0
    A165 BIN-LGA165AT-00-V10c-AME-XXX-DEC-13-2010_0
    A180 BIN_LGA180AT-00-V10b-ARE-XXX-MAY-05-2011_0
    A190 BIN_LGA190AT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-OCT-14-2011_0
    A200 BIN_LGA200AT-00-V10d-AME-XXX-JUL-06-2011_0
    A230 BIN_LGA230AT-00-V10g-ARB-XXX-OCT-07-2011_0
    A270 BIN_LGA270AT-00-V10d-ARE-XXX-JUN-28-2012_0
    A275 BIN_LGA275AT-00-V10b-ARE-XXX-OCT-24-2012_0
    A290 BIN_LGA290AT-00-V10c-AME-XX-APR-17-2012_0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGC Series
    C100 ROM_LGC100AT-00-V10a-WEY-XXX-DEC-31-2010_0
    C105 ROM_LGC105AT-00-V10c-ARB-XXX-OCT-13-2010-0
    C195 BIN_LGC195AT-00-V10a-EUY-XXX-MAR-09-2012_0
    C199 BIN_LGC199AT-00-V10d-ARB-XXX-JUN-15-2012-0
    C205 BIN_LGC205AT-00-V10a-334-020-MAY-23-2012_1
    C300 ROM_LGC300AT-00-V10b-EEY-XXX-DEC-02-2010-0
    C305 BIN_LGC305AT-00-V10i-ARB-XXX-JUL-13-2011-0
    C310 BIN_LGC310AT-00-V10d-MEA-XXX-JUN-04-2011-0
    C320i BIN_LGC320iAT-00-V10c-ARB-XXX-MAY-25-2011_0
    C333 BIN_LGC333AT-00-V10b-TUN-XXX-OCT-19-2012+0
    C360 BIN_LGC360AT-00-V10c-EUY-XXX-OCT-27-2011-0
    C365 BIN_LGC365AT-00-V10c-EUY-XXX-JAN-07-2012-0
    C370 BIN_LGC370AT-00-V10i-IRN-XXX-JUN-27-2012_0
    C375 BIN_LGC375AT-00-V10e-ARE-XXX-JAN-13-2012_0
    C570F BIN_LGC570fOL-00-V10a-724-XXX-MAR-14-2011_0
    C570G LG-C570gOL-01-V10e-SSV-XXX-NOV-15-2010_1
    C660 LGC660AT-00-V10d-EUY-XX-JAN-30-2012_0-DZ
    C660H LGC660hAT-00-V10d-BRA-XX-SEP-05-2011_0-DZ
    C710H LGC710hAT-02-V20b-302-220-APR-24-2012-0
    C729 DZ-LGC729AT-01-V10h-310-260-SEP-30-2011_0
    C900 LG-C900AT-01-V11f-310-410-JUL-27-2011-0_DZ
    C900B LG-C900BAT-01-V10h-302-610-AUG-08-2011_0_DZ
    C900K LG-C900kAT-00-V10e-TEL-AU-OCT-12-2011_0_DZ
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGE Series
    E300 LGE300AT-00-V10d-724-XX-FEB-28-2012
    E400 LGE400AT-00-V10i-EUR-XXX-JUN-01-2012
    E400F LGE400fAT-01-V10b-505-01-APR-26-2012
    E400G LGE400gAT-00-V10a-714-03-APR-25-2012
    E400GO LGE400GOAT-04-V10d-262-07-JUN-08-2012
    E405 LGE405AT-00-V10b-MEA-XXX-JUN-15-2012
    E405F LGE405fAT-00-V10d-724-XXX-JUN-15-2012
    E500 LGE500AT-01-V10a-334-020-JAN-14-2011
    E510 LGE510AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-APR-16-2012
    E510F LGE510fAT-00-V10c-724-XXX-MAR-21-2012
    E510G LGE510gAT-00-V10a-722-34-NOV-25-2011
    E610 LGE610AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-MAY-23-2012
    E610GO LGE610GOAT-04-V10a-262-07-JUL-05-2012
    E610V LGE610vAT-00-V10c-262-02-JUN-20-2012
    E612 LGE612AT-00-V10a-AME-XXX-JUL-05-2012
    E612F LGE612fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-JUL-04-2012
    E612G LGE612gAT-00-V10a-AMX-XXX-JUN-20-2012
    E615F LGE615fAT-00-V10c-724-XXX-JUL-16-2012
    E617G LGE617GAT-01-V10a-302-610-JUN-06-2012
    E720 LGE720AT-00-V10a-EUR-XX-OCT-18-2010
    E720B LGE720bAT-01-V10c-302-610-NOV-15-2010
    E730 LGE730AT-00-V10a-EUR-XX-SEP-14-2011
    E730F LGE730fAT-00-V10c-MIRS-IL-APR-25-2012
    E739 LGE739AT-01-V10r-310-260-MAR-13-2012
    E900 LG-E900AT-00-V11h-NEU-XXX-DEC-27-2011
    E900H LGE900hAT-02-V10i-302-220-AUG-08-2011
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGP Series
    P350 LGP350AT-00-V10g-EUR-XX-SEP-22-2011-0
    P350F LGP350fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-APR-04-2011-0
    P350G LGP350gAT-00-V10a-714-03-MAY-16-2011-1
    P355 LGP355AT-00-V10i-OPEN-CN-APR-09-2012-0
    P500 LGP500AT-00-V20h-EUR-XX-OCT-24-2011-0
    P500H LGP500hAT-00-V20b-724-XXX-NOV-18-2011-0
    P503 LGP503AT-00-V10e-ARB-XX-DEC-02-2010
    P504 LGP504AT-00-V11b-WFM-XXX-APR-12-2011-0-DZ
    P505 LGP505AT-01-V20f-310-410-DEC-22-2011-0-DZ
    P505CH LGP505CHAT-01-V20a-302-720-NOV-08-2011-CHR-CA-0
    P505R LGP505RAT-01-V20a-302-720-NOV-11-2011-RGS-CA-0
    P506 LGP506AT-01-V11h-310-410-MAY-02-2011-0
    P509 LGP509AT-00-V10s-310-260-APR-23-2011-0
    P520 LGP520AT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-JUL-25-2011-0
    P525 LGP525AT-00-V10g-ARE-XXX-JUL-20-2011-0
    P610S LGP610S-00-V10n-460-00-Dec-26-2011-0
    P690 LGP690AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-DEC-08-2011-0
    P690B LGP690BAT-00-V10i-302-610-JAN-19-2012-0ZTE T760
    P690F LGP690fAT-00-V10a-ISR-XXX-JAN-25-2012-0
    P692 LGP692AT-00-V10b-222-01-NOV-25-2011-0
    P693 LGP693AT-00-V10f-CN-XX-MAR-28-2012-0
    P698 LGP698AT-00-V10h-SEA-XXX-JAN-12-2012-0
    P698F LGP698fAT-00-V10e-724-XXX-JAN-13-2012-0
    P700 LGP700AT-00-V10g-EUR-XX-JUN-23-2012-0
    P705 LGP705AT-00-V10b-AME-XX-MAY-18-2012-0
    P705G LGP705gAT-00-V10c-RGS-CA-MAY-10-2012-0
    P705GO LGP705GOAT-01-V10b-505-02-MAY-23-2012-0
    P708G LGP708gAT-00-V10a-730-03-MAY-14-2012-1
    P720 LGP720AT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-MAY-08-2012-0
    P720H LGP720hAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-MAY-11-2012-0
    P725 LGP725AT-00-V10b-ARB-XXX-MAY-08-2012-0
    P880 LGP880AT-00-V10b-AME-XXX-JUL-12-2012-0
    P920 LGP920AT-00-V21e-EUR-XXX-Apr-19-2012-0
    P920H LGP920hAT-00-V20a-724-XXX-DEC-22-2011-0
    P925 LGP925AT-00-V20p-310-410-FEB-22-2012-0
    P925G LGP925gAT-01-V20c-302-720-DEC-22-2011-0
    P930 LGP930AT-01-V10j-310-410-FEB-26-2012
    P935 LGP935AT-01-V10a-302-220-JAN-24-2012-0
    P936 LGP936AT-00-V10c-454-XXX-APR-07-2012-0
    P940 LGP940AT-00-V10o-EUR-XXX-MAR-23-2012-0
    P970 LGP970AT-00-V20o-EUR-XXX-MAR-03-2012-0
    P970H LGP970hAT-00-V20c-724-XXX-MAR-12-2012-0
    P970G LGP970gAT-01-V20i-302-220-MAR-28-2012-0
    P970N LGP970NAT-01-V20b-232-03-MAR-07-2012-0
    P990 LGP990AT-00-V20q-EUR-XX-JAN-24-2012-0
    P990H LGP990hAT-00-V20a-724-05-NOV-28-2011-1
    P999 LGP999AT-01-V21y-310-260-MAR-11-2012-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGT Series
    T300 LGT300AT-00-V10e-WEU-XXX-JAN-17-2011-0
    T310 LGT310AT-00-V10c-NEU-XXX-OCT-29-2010-0
    T310GO LGT310GOAT-01-V10a-234-30-DEC-10-2010-0
    T310N LGT310NAT-01-V10b-214-03-NOV-15-2010-0
    T310i LGT310iAT-00-V10f-WEU-XXX-JAN-11-2011-0
    T320 LGT320AT-00-V10d-EUR-XXX-NOV-11-2010-0
    T325 LGT325AT-00-V10g-404-XXX-MAY-18-2012-0
    T375 LGT375AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-JUL-11-2012-0
    T385 LGT385AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-JUN-27-2012-0
    T385B LGT385bAT-01-V10a-208-01-JUL-10-2012-0
    T385GO LGT385AT-01-V10a-234-30-JUN-11-2012-0
    T500 LGT500AT-00-V10j-EUR-XXX-SEP-15-2011
    T500GO LGT500GOAT-04-V10a-262-07-JUL-27-2011-0
    T505 LGT505AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-SEP-28-2011-0
    T505GO LGT505AT-01-V10d-234-15-AUG-23-2011-0
    T510 LGT510AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-NOV-21-2011-0
    T530 LGT530AT-01-V10d-208-01-JUL-06-2011-0
    T565B LGT565bAT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-MAR-30-2012-0
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

    LGV Series
    V900 LGV900AT-00-V10e-EUR-XXX-JUL-13-2011
    V901 LGV901AT-00-V10d-TWN-XXX-JUL-20-2011
    V905R LGV905RAT-01-V10c-302-720-APR-15-2011
    V909 LGV909AT-00-V11a-OPN-US-MAR-08-2012
    V909DW LGV909AT-01-V10p-310-260-JAN-10-2012
    >>> DOWNLOAD <<<
    Click here to enlarge

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