Tiny Heroes 1.1 iPhone
Every level is a unique, meticulously hand-crafted challenge with razor-sharp balance by the masters of the genre.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
✔ Conquer over 50 unique levels!
✔ Defend the Dungeon with over 30 Defenses!
✔ Build towers, set traps, summon minions and conjure spells!
✔ Unlock Challenge Levels to test your skills!
✔ Impress with Achievements and leader board scores!
✔ Game Center and OpenFeint integration!
✔ Beautiful Retina screen support!
✔ New Campaigns, Challenge Levels and Defenses as downloadable content coming soon!
What’s New in Version 1.1
Tiny Heroes gets better all the time! This update: A bunch of bug fixes, polishes and tweaks!
✪ Smoothed out that hitch you saw right before ‘You Win’
✪ Fixed bug with Slime trail damage (was too much)
✪ Fixed Gargoyle defense not being awarded from Achievement Group completion
If you already have this achievement, the defense will unlock for you right away!
✪ Jelly Cubes no longer slide to corner of screen if trapped
✪ Fixed a rare crash upon save game restore
✪ The “Ballista Heard ’round The World” Achievement now triggers properly
✪ There is a help button on the “Ballista Heard ’round The World” Achievement that gives you various options to complete it
✪ Graphical adjustments to score and stars on campaign screen
✪ Changed quick play to always show at least the first level of an available campaign
✪ Sound balance tweaks
✪ Mana Crab now counts against the Cheapskate achievement
✪ Fixed button spacing on Options screen
✪ Fix for lingering Epic Wizard fireballs
✪ Green Dragonís sonic effect no longer hides heroes and traps
✪ Delay on end of game lets you see the last Hero bite it
✪ Increased speed of Gorgonís arrows.
✪ Prompt to skip a challenge level now appears when the level is restarted from the pause menu
✪ Repair Spell correctly also puts out fires now
✪ Wall Tower Placement indicators come back after dragons and tentacle towers die
✪ Fixed a rare graphical glitch with the Looker’s eye
✪ Wall Press traps now orient properly when resuming a saved game
✪ Thieves now stop disarming traps when pushed by a Baby Dragon
✪ Fixed graphical clipping on OpenFeint buttons
✪ OpenFeint Invite Friends button only shows up when connected to OpenFeint
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