Alien Invasion 2.0 (iPhone)

Category: Games
Version: 2.0
5.2 MB
Seller: Steven Anderson

2008 Steven Carl Anderson


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Aliens have invaded, and it is up to you to defend the planet! Blast the invading forces into smithereens, but be careful, as some of the aliens have taken hostages. Avoid directly killing ships with hostages at all costs to prevent popular opinion (your life bar) from depleting.

* 10 levels of gameplay.
* 9 different achievement medals to earn (click on a medal in the game to learn more).
* 4 different "alien powerups".
* Musical soundtrack with sound effects.
* Pause functionality by quickly flicking the iPhone horizontally 90 degrees to either the left / right (same action as rotating a web page; three pauses per game).
* Tons of fun!
What's new in Version 2.0
- Code change for OS 3.0

- Improved touch code.

- Updated opening advert.

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