Megan and the Giant 1.01 (iPhone)

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"... a combination of the absurdity of a traditional Japanese game with the quaintness of Wallace and Gromit..." - 148Apps

"10 New App Store Games To Watch" - TouchMyApps

"... lovely moments. The London-themed graphics - policemen in blue uniforms, red telephone booths - work well. The story is also cute and captivating." - Recommended by Casual Girl Gamer

"... Unique blend of 2D and 3D art" - FingerGaming

"警官に見つからないように女の子を操作。ロンドンの街を大冒険!" - AppBank

Megan and the Giant
Episode One: The Giant of the River Thames

Sneak, Hide, Run! Play hide-and-seek in the city of London in the latest family-friendly iPhone stealth action game "Megan and the Giant"!

In this first episode, you will be introduced to wonderful world of "Megan and the Giant". Guide Megan, the curious, good natured, and talkative main character, on a journey to rescue a mysterious new friend. Sneak around London with the intuitive tap control, and outsmart the pursuers with strategic planning and the use of hilarious items!


- Cute illustration-style 2D characters mixed with a colorful 3D environment
- Easy, minimum effort control. Just tap on the screen and move around!
- 30+ Levels, 4 Chapters taking you through different London scenery
- Lifelines! Bananas, Cardboard Boxes, Cups of tea... and more. Gain new items to help you as you advance through the game
- Escape scenarios from the London City Police, Angry Dogs (not birds), and other fun pursuers throughout the city
- Kid-friendly story and gameplay.

How to play:
Tap to move, tap and draw to designate a path.

- Be patient! Observe the pursuers behaviors, and plan your moves accordingly.
- Timing is important!
- Can you finish the game without using items? Or even without being spotted?!

Requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3G (32GB/64GB), or iPod Touch 4G.
Support for earlier devices to come soon!

About Studio Pepwuper:
"Games for People Young at Heart"

We make story and character-driven games for people young at heart to experience, to express, and to grow through imagination.

(p.s. We have a strict "No Guns" policy. No guns are ever allowed in our games. There are enough games with guns, and we'd like to offer something different.)

Find Us at to learn more. And talk to us at on Twitter and Facebook. We would love to hear from you!

What's new in Version 1.01
Version 1.01 Update:
- Much Faster Load time!
- Text no longer goes out of the screen from the left or right side
- Trash will now move towards Megan when she is close to them, making it easier to pick up trash
- Fixed problem where characters stop moving occasionally
- Minor changes to music, sound, and menu buttons

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