Boxisics 3.0 (iPhone)

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Where Blocks Meet Physics!

In this puzzle challenging painted world of physics, you will be destroying structures made of blocks. There is never a dull moment in this fun physics-based ball-shooting game. You must carefully work your way through 30 levels with over 50 achievements. Anti-gravity blocks, balance bars and much much more are waiting to be explored. Compete against the world on global charts hosted by Open Feint.

If you have ever played the online flash game Blosics, you'll love this game!

More Levels Coming Soon
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Kechbs Software:
IQ Genius, Block Builder, PCB Current, Space Trader(free), Talking Text(free), Grain Equilibrium, StereoGramBuild(free), Sky Jump(free), Boxisics HD(iPad)
What's new in Version 3.0
iOS4 Support and Bug Fixes
Multi-Tasking via Fast App Switching(iPhone3gs & iPhone4)
Hi-Res Retina Display Graphics (iPhone 4)

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