iBlockhead 3.3 (iPhone)

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Category: Games
Version: 3.3
9.6 MB
Seller: Dmitry Burlakov

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LANGUAGES: English, Russian

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Simple logical game, allowing to develop attentiveness, combinatorics, memory, to enlarge lexicon, and to spend free time.


In the middle of the field consisting of 25 squares, the word from five letters is selected.

* First turn is yours - you should think out a new word consisting from already existed letters on the field plus one new letter which you add – it is mandatory.
* Longer a new word – more points you got.
* One letter – one point.
* Then, beginning with one new letter adding Blockhead is starting the game, then you, etc. in turns.
* Words can’t be repeated in one game.
* The game is over when the last cell on the field is filled. Who has more points is the winner.
* The word could be made from the letters, situated in any directions from the cell – up, down, to the left or right, but not diagonally & without any crossings.

* There are 3 levels in the game: simple, normal and difficult.
* Multiplayer game via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
* Game vs the friend on one device.
* The initial game dictionary consists of about 14000 words.
* On-line scoreboard will show your achievements to everybody.
* Blockhead keeps in mind all new words during the game, be careful! If you take incorrect word Blockhead then will use it.
* Blockhead remember the game status, so you could always get back to interrupted game.
What's new in Version 3.3
+minor fixes

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