Sheeple 1.6.1 (iPhone)

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Category: Games
Version: 1.6.1
9.7 MB
Seller: Tomato Factory

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Sheeple (“Sheep People”): People unable to think for themselves.

You are the Overseer of the Sheeple and it is your responsibility to help guide the Sheeple out of their various predicaments! You have many interesting tools at your disposal to help guide the Sheeple through various challenging situations that they would otherwise be hopelessly stuck in forever.

★ 100 fun and challenging levels
★ Achievements (OpenFeint)
★ Fun and challenging scoring system
★ Automatically saves your progress at the end of each level
★ Ability to go back and play any level that you have previously completed
★ Manage multiple Sheeple and exits simultaneously
★ Integrated tutorial and help system
★ Listen to your iPod music and select tracks from within the game
★ New Episode 2 level pack with new gameplay elements (In App Purchase)
What's new in Version 1.6.1
- All new artwork
- Updated menus
- OpenFeint 2.7.5
- Bug Fixes

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