Power Words Cheater 1.2 (iPhone)

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Category: Games
Oct 04, 2010
Version: 1.2
6.3 MB
Seller: Lok Tai Fung

Lok Tai Fung


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Power Words Cheater will find the Highest Scoring words on any board!

Power Words Cheater helps you quickly and easily find all the possible words from a given set of letters. It's great for finding all possible words in Words with Friends. Use Power Words Cheater to learn great new words, find high scoring words that you may have missed, or to quickly settle word disputes.

To cheat and win in Words with Friends, all you have to do is take a screenshot of a Words with Friends game. Load the Screenshot in Power Words Cheater. Then go to the Word List, and Words with Friends Word Finder will automatically generate all possible words. You can see all the words, from the highest score to the lowest scores. And if you have blanks, Power Words Cheater will find an amazing amount of words for you to use. Whether you want to better yourself in Words with Friends, or just want to win, Power Words Cheater will be your best friend.


- Powerful OCR capability reads and transfer tiles from any screen shot.
- Find every single possible word that can be played on the board.
- Discover up to 100,000 unique plays for each board setup.
- Get the highest scoring word possible from any board.
- Save multiple boards, up to 32 boards simultaneously.
- Official TWL dictionary for tournament play.
- Use as many blanks as you want.
- Board saves automatically.
- Shake iPhone/iPod Touch to erase board.
- Unlike other inferior anagram apps, Words with Friends Word Finder does not require an active internet connection.
- Utilize the Magnifying Glass to easily place tiles on the board. New 4x zoom.
- Standard lower case notation to display letters generated by blanks.
- View words sorted from the highest scoring words.
- Simple and intuitive interface.
- Can generate Anagrams that works with many popular games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, Lexulous, and Text Twist Turbo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- If you are experiencing problems, please update your iPhone or iPod Touch firmware to the latest version. This will usually solve most of the problems.

- I can't seem to drag the tile from the bottom. All it does is scroll the tiles left and right?

Be sure to drag the tile from the bottom straight up, and not sideways. You can choose what tiles to get by sliding your thumbs left and right at the bottom of the screen. You can get a particular tile by pressing your thumbs on a particular tile, slide it straight up to the board or rack.

- How do I clear the board?

Easy. Just SHAKE the iPhone. Shake it a bit harder if it doesn't work.

- How do I get rid of a particular tile?

Just drag it to the bottom of the screen to where you choose a particular tile. The bottom of the screen is essentially the tile bag. So by dragging the tile back to the bag, you are putting away the tile.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away at the support website at http://loktai.blogspot.com

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