Pandadog defense 1.1 (iPhone)

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Version: 1.1
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"The Green Games" would like to introduce our new game "Pandadog Defense". It's a special defense game!

1. Defense characters can move !
2. Defense characters have unique skills !

Island of fantasy Dog Island! Mission to protect thier food with 7 mixed-blood dogs!
PandaDog and his friends are trying to protect their town's food warehouse and Enermy is trying to invade their food warehouse with robot Enermy. Are they be able to protect the 5 food warehouse against the robot enermy who is envading constantly?

Game feature:

1. Movement and touch
The joyful tension with moving everywhere and touching it.
It is form with real-time strategy and defence game, having a limited character to move so that it can be played strategically. And also it is able to touch attack enermy in flight so that it gives more tesion to the game.

2. Variety of skill system
7 strongly unique characters! Each character has unique skills. These skills allow them to use range attack, healing, trap(attack/defence/assistance/heal) so that can be able to play more strategic. And if they upgrade their skills, they can be more powerful.

3. Mini game in the game
Watch my back, Shake it!
You can play minigame when you are playing game, shake the robot enermy to drop the robot who's trying to stalk the warehouse. It would makes your joy doubled.


Game support story mode and survival mode.
After you clear story mode the suvival mode will appear !
We support openfeint and multiple language( english, korean )

Here is youtube page :

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Pandadog and Pandadog defense characters are the property of
(R) Funnyeve PANDADOG

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What's new in Version 1.1
change some design.

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