Berzerk Ball 1.01

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How far can a geek fly?
Find out by joining gamers who have smashed the geek over 142 million times!!!

For those new to Berzerk Land and geek bashing, you™ll start by choosing one of multiple characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses including XP, power, aim and flight control. Touch the aim and strength meters at the right time to maximize the velocity at which you smash the geek into Berzerk Land, while using the arrows to control his flight, grab items for extra propulsion, and achieve the longest geek flight in history. Bash the heck out of the geek, earn experience points to level up your attributes, gain money to buy powerups and gear, and unlock special characters and items!

Key features Include:
*Tap to Smash – Just tap the meter at the right time to send the geek flying, and strategically control in mid-air to send him flying even further!
*XP and Leveling – Smash the geek just right, and the further you send him into Berzerk Land the more XP and money you earn for levelling, attributes and gear.
*Flight Control – Affect the geek™s flight and get help from the denizens of Berzerk Land to smash him even further.
*Achievements – Unlock various achievements and badges to compare and share with friends.
*Game Center and Facebook – Game Center integration to decide the world™s best geek basher; Facebook Connect to share your achievements with your friends.
* Feels so good… – Take out your aggression on the geek and experience the pleasure of bashing him to oblivion.
* GET YOUR COMMENTS PUBLISHED – Write a review with your own funny geek comments for a chance to get it published in the next update!

What’s New

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