Terrables 1.1

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Terrably fast-paced shooter that challenges your reflexes!

The Terrables are loose and on the prowl for the unwary.
They come in various forms and sizes with some nasty surprises.

Take them down with a bizarre arsenal right at your fingertips!

* Quirky Denizens Each Terrable has its own quirky attack and behaviour! Will it be a piece of cake for you or will you become their piece of pie?
* Unreal Weapons Unleash them against the Terrables, and watch the fireworks fly!
* Simplicity Learning the game is as easy as tapping your finger, though mastering it would require much more.
* Challenging Stages Meet the nasty residents in a number of different scenes.
* Drop Items Picking them up could help you survive the onslaught of quirkiness.

Game Centre support:
* Leaderboard Compare your scores with other hunters and survivors.
* Achievements Commemorate your feats with more than just scars and trauma.

Against the Terrables we shall battle
Incredible powers are ours to dabble
To defeat them we need planning
Indispensable are our training
Fear not their bites and brambles
Our might demands cowardly flights and trembles

Follow the Terrables’ chirps and twits:
What’s new in Version 1.1
1. More variety of drop items.
2. Weapon improvements.
3. Help page.
4. Bug fixes.