Balloon Ride 1.11 (iPhone)

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Help bunny navigate his balloon ride through the sky. Help him avoid obstacles and collect stars for points and power ups! Using the simple tilt controls to move bunny up, down, left, and right around bees, birds, thunderclouds and other balloons. Eat Carrots to stay alive, and collect stars for points to move up in the leaderboards.

Bronze: 100 points
Silver: 200 points, +1 brakes (tap on the screen to slow down enemies)
Gold: 1000 points, speed boost (watch out, enemies fly faster!)
Emerald: 200 points, invincibility

- Simple tilt controls
- Cute graphics with Retina Display support
- Addictive gameplay
- OpenFeint enabled, compete against players all over the world

What’s new in Version 1.11
Make the game compatible with iOS 4.0+

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