Monster Matchz 1.0 (iPhone)

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Category: Games
Version: 1.0
10.2 MB
Seller: Shura Network Corporation Co., Ltd.

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The New Addictive Puzzle Game!!

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From the creator.(Up to 3,000,000 players from 164 countries)


Monster Match is a super fun and easy to addict game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Lickable graphics and tasty sound effects!

Monster Matchz keep track of your best score so you can show off to your friend!

How to Play

Tab over the monsters two at a time.
and try to find a match, You will got a combo score when you match a same monsters. You will got a special item when you make a combo more than 4.
If monster row was over, The game is over, So hurry up!

Match as fast as you can , Collect a Monster items.

7 Monster Items

Red fire : Burn any monster in a bottom row.
Freezer clock : Stop a time for a five seconds.
Yellow cheese : Blow away all yellow monsters.
Green bomb : Explosive any monster in double row of bottom.
Pink butterfly : Blow away any monster in a both of wings.
Black key : Open any cages in a board.
jupiter crystal : All monster is gone.


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