Wild Caves Plus for iPad 1.1

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Cave man is trying to recover his lost caves from the invasion of animals. Fire powered balls is the only weapon Caveman can use to launch an attack on these ferocious animals or enemies. Firepower usage is limited to each level, so will you be able to help the Caveman to regain access to his caves.

The objective is to aim the fire powered balls at the ferocious animal in the caves and regain access. All along the journey he’ll encounter animals in all his different caves on the mountain.

Wild Cave is a great action filled time-killer game. Your task is to kill all your enemies in a cave by throwing fire, on them. These fire balls kill your enemies as they fall on them. There are lots of challenges and obstacles created to make this game a truly tuff mission to conquer the Caves. There are 30 challenging levels, each level features exciting game play enhanced with amazing graphics and engaging music.

• 30 challenging levels
• Polished graphics
• Easy to play but tough to master
• Super addictive game play
• Integrated with OpenFeint to keep track of leader boards and achievements
• Also available for iphone.

Have fun with wild Caves…!