Masha and The Bear 9-12 v1.1

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NEW 4 EPISODES!!! High quality. For 3G and RETINA.
Are you missing Masha and her friend, the Bear? On the App Store are already available the new series of your favorite cartoon «Masha and the Bear»: «The Jam’s Day», «The Ice Holiday», «The first time in first grade» and «Border on the lock».

The animation serial has received the set of awards at various festivals: the 15th International film festival of children’s and youth animation cinema “Goldfish”, the 18th festival of the Russian cinema «the Window to Europe», the festival «Neum Animated Film Festival» in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 50th international festival of animation cinema in France in Ansi, the 14th international competition of children’s and youthful films «Schlingel» in Germany in Chemnitz, the16th Bradford’s Festival in Great Britain, the 7th international animation festival «Tindirindis 2009» in Vilnius, etc.

If you had never eaten a jam from cones, hadn’t skate on roller skates on the ice and hadn’t play to school with the Bear, you would have learn how to do this, together with your favorite characters of «Masha and the Bear». Four new series which will help you to plunge into the world of adventures together with our heroes are presented for your attention. The heartwarming and comic relations between Masha and her best friend won’t leave you and your children indifferent, and cheerful songs will present pleasure and good mood.…9-M95.ipa.html