LoveBots : Kit Robot 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch by STORM

No 1 Staff Favorite in Japan & YES you can ROTATE selected parts using 2 fingers, instructions are on page 1, top corner.
LOVEBOTS by KIT ROBOT has arrived! The NEW Digital Robot Assembly Kit and Robot Avatar Creator, SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES.

Placing creative power in your hands! Join the loveBot
Presented by Award Winning WhiteWall Studios.

Forget the Golden Plastic Age of model kits, limiting the range of parts to one model and WELCOME to the Golden Digital Age.

Now Introducing LOVEBOTS, where you can create over 1.3 MILLION combinations of Robots out of the box!

Have you ever wanted your very own Robot “Alter-Ego” as your social profile pic? Have your Kids ever wanted to create 100′s of colorful Robots in a fun, easy and intuitive way?
Well, now you can let the creation begin!
With LoveBots YOU can create and share your customizable LoveBot-Robot as your profile pic for Twitter, or Facebook directly from the LoveBots App, or you can email and save your creation to share it via any online network and with your friends. Or you can just simply create an Army of Robot LoveBots for personal use.

With Apple’s Multitouch Gestures for iPad, iPhone and iPod, you can control many Parts to build your Robot from scratch, using hundreds of assets with a huge range of colors!
Choose from many styles of Heads, Eyes, Mouths, Antennae, Bodies, Chest plates, Arms, Legs, Hips, 100′s of Accessories and Backgrounds to create unique and outstanding LoveBots of your own, male or female. Great fun for your inner child and child alike!

Start with a Head and create a LoveBot version of your face for your online pic profiles,
or add arms, torsos, bodies, legs, and accessories to create full-bodied LoveBots. The combinations add up to endless fun!

All Assets are created by illustrators whos work has appeared in many popular animations seen the world over.

Added Features Include:

・Type your name and own your LoveBot using unique font… R2D2 anybody

・Using the Twitter network feature you can upload a new profile pic from the LoveBots App and change your picture instantly, without the use of a computer!

・Facebook your profile picture from the LoveBots App to your account for use as your profile picture or just to share online!

・Save your pics into your photo album or email them directly from the App to your friends or to us for inclusion in the next LoveBots feature.

・Enjoy Custom Robotic Sounds while you create, or listen to your favorite tracks while working.

・WIN a place in the upcoming LoveBot Book – App! Send your LoveBot creations to us, to be included in the next LoveBots App/Book! Over 200 of the best chosen LoveBots will be featured and fully credited in an upcoming loveBots Book – App Feature. Submit from the Website or from the App!

・Add your LoveBot to our LoveBot Flickr pool & our Facebook page.

・ Join the online companion through our Blog.

Join The LoveBots Army today! The new way of building Digital Robots for a Digital Age!

Made In Japan

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What’s new in Version 1.1
UI changes including larger buttons for Iphone, asset fixes and a slight change in appearance and Keyboard bug fixed.

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