Matching Dogs Memory Game, Concentration, Pairs With Dog Pictures 3.0 iPhone


Matching Dogs is the game of memory featuring the dogs you love! Tons of cute dogs all in the palm of your hand, including, of course, the cutest dog of all: Yours! So cute you’ll want to scratch them behind their ears!

Matching Dogs has been a featured kid’s game in the “What’s Hot” category on the app store in more than 40 countries.

Matching Dogs doesn’t just show graphics of “man’s best friend”. These are full color photos that are sharp on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Matching Dogs comes with 100 hand picked cuties, plus room for many more.

Most of the time too many dogs in a small space is a bad idea, but with Matching Dogs you can play with as many as you want without things getting out of your hand. We have adopted over a thousand on an iPad and an iPhone 3GS so there is plenty of room for variety and you can make this game your own.

• Fun animations, graphics, barks and howls
• Add a name, breed or caption for each dog
• Six difficulty levels – 40 photos at once
• Quick peek to help out when you need hand

• iPad, iPhone and iPod touch all for one price
• Easy import from the camera or device library or Flickr
• Don’t like a photo or caption? Delete it, replace it or rename it

Create a category of favorites or play with a random assortment.
• All the best pictures of your dog
• Bring pictures of the family to play too and put them in the doghouse

We love dogs and can’t even begin to describe the beautiful and fun pictures of dogs that are in the game.

Take Matching Dogs home with you today we know you’ll love these cute canines as much as we do!
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What’s New in Version 3.0

Note – Options and Albums buttons have been swapped per user feedback.
Fixed level selector bug on older devices.
Easier to use album selector
Easier to use image manager

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