Red Conquest! (Episodes 1 & 2!) 1.1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

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Ongoing Holiday sale! Until Episode 3 is released, this sale will continue! Early next year, Episode 3 will be released as a free update. Keep your eyes out for it!

Twice the gameplay originally released!
Internet Multiplayer | Episode 2 missions | More Challenge missions | Difficulty settings

Command the Red forces!

Red Conquest is a real-time strategy (RTS) game, set in open space. Experience the intergalactic war between the Blue and Red forces like never before!

Take command of your fleet with a user interface designed specifically for the mobile platform! Casual players of RTS games will appreciate the ease of managing their units with simple multi-touch controls, while RTS veterans will love the variety of advanced macro- and micromanagement options for tactical warfare.

Conquer the Blue forces in this epic prequel AND sequel to the events in Blue Defense and Blue Attack!

-Save state and auto save
-Campaign Mode – Shows the beginning of the war
-Challenge Mode – 4 types, 16 more levels
-Local Multiplayer – up to 8 players over WiFi or Bluetooth


“A Hardcore RTS App with Incredible Depth”

“Red Conquest could be a genre-defining RTS for the system!”
-Slide To Play

“A complex, exciting RTS that takes full advantage of Apple’s hardware.”
-Cult of Mac

“Get ready to plunge into the battle between Red and Blue forces once again!”

“This is a must buy for fans…”

-wegmans, Touch Arcade Forums (yeah, you deserve a little love here, wegmans!)

“A highly original RTS that is designed to work with the iPhone… not just a clone of real time strategy games on the PC.”
-iPhone Strategy Games

“Prepare for another serving of Kooistra-awesomeness!”
-The Appera

“For those who stick with it and master the controls, one of the most complete, well-made RTS experiences on the iPhone await…”
-Touch Arcade
What’s new in Version 1.1.3
-Fixed random crash during gameplay with AI
-Fixed random crash shortly after savestate load
-Removed ability to “stack” units in the corners of maps, you cheap jerks! Click here to enlarge
-Fixed a bug where the game might run out of memory if not connected to a network (infinite retry with memory leak)…ppyFX.ipa.html