Roll’n'Fall 1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

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“It痴 some real addictive gameplay, and you値l be mighty keen to reach the next level each and every time…”

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About Roll’n'Fall:

Roll’n'Fall is a non-stop story-driven platform rolling game with some physics-based puzzles. The basic idea is to roll your character using the accelerometer across various platforms with the goal being to reach the bottom of the level to unlock the next. While you advance in the game you’ll find moving barrels, enemies, puzzles and you’ll increase your habilities (jump, break blocks, push barrels & boxes, and more) in 80 levels! (40 easy & 40 hard)

The story is about Ulises (your character) trying to save his girlfriend Penelope from the hands of the evil Andromaco in this reminiscence of Homer’s Odyssey

The game includes 8 Music track from Manuel Sahagn (, one of the exciting new talents in the house music scene, hand drawn graphics and box2d physics engine!


- Story-driven game

- Two difficulty levels! (EASY-HARD)

- Use accelerometer to move Ulises and use your fingers to jump, cut ropes to drop hanging bridges, move switches, break blocks to make your way and much more!

- Collect coins to pay tolls and gems to increase your score

- Move barrels to reach higher places or splash enemies!

- 80 levels! (40 Easy & 40 Hard)

- Highscore Tables (Fast Score submit!)

- Incredible physics !(Box2d physics engine)

- You can unlock levels while you progress or pressing a button (you decide!)

- 8 Music track from Manuel Sahagun (, one of the exciting new talents in the house music scene !

Player’s reviews:

“This game is more Epic than my movies !” – George L.

“I love this game ! “

“I knew it, ETs exists, this is a game from another planet !” – Steven S.…5255D.ipa.html