ProPetanque v1.3.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

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Create your players profile and add it a photo get from the iPhone Camera or Photo Library. You can select between 15 different Boules from the most popular factories. You can change the boule dimensions & weight to play like you want. Your finger sensibility can also be set.

The Boules physical model is perfectly reproduced. All is calculated from the ground to the size and the weight of each boule to reproduce the perfect Pétanque simulation. All is here, like the ground mark from the boules…

Entire Federation Francais de Petanque (the world wild Petanque federation reference) are respected (boules weight and size, distances, …).

The Fanny rule is added (11-0) to enjoy everyone.

Play from to from with a friend, or fight the Artificial Intelligence of 10 different and unlockable players. Some AI Players are better to Pointer, some to Tirer and others to Plomber. They have the personal tired; evolutes during the game and that make them less good for decision and precision…
Win one AI Player will unlock a new one. Take a turn on the training room to perfect your game and win the better players.

The Boules can be launch on 3 different manners: Roulé (roll), Pointer (Point), Plomber for you can play like the real game and select the better way to win the point. To lunch the boule, it is really simple and precise; just slide your finger over the screen. You will have the feeling to be on the real play.

The Musics and original 3D real play sounds helps you to merge on the better game ambience.

- You can publish your best score on your FaceBook Wall !!!

- You can play your iPod musics during the game, the game will automatically stop all musics (but lets the balls sounds).

- You can stop entire game sounds by using the new button on main top right screen

- French Texte on French iPod/iTouch…anque.ipa.html