Keep In Play 1.2.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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The Prince and Princess have had enough of their fairy tale adventures and decided to return to the kingdom to begin living happily ever after…but things never seem to go as planned.

Giant fireballs are falling from the sky and headed directly for the castle! The wise old King has revealed that the kingdom can be saved using a machine that can fire lasers to obliterate the fireballs. However the machine needs time to lock on to a target and for that they need YOUR help. You take the role of the great hero capable of drawing magical ribbon onto the screen to keep the fireballs contained long enough to allow the laser to lock on, thus saving the kingdom. If you fail they get toasted.

Keep In Play has been specifically designed for the touch interface so it is easy to start playing and you will be drawing ribbons and bouncing fireballs around in no time. Although the game mechanics are fun and easy to learn your reflexes and strategic thinking will be challenged as you progress through the 51 levels.

You will have to handle multiple fireballs at the same time, make use of rebounds off various barriers, utilize item boxes, as well as avoid flying sky creatures and wormholes all while managing your limited ribbon power.

Keep In Play features a quick pick up and play gameplay style so it is easy to continue on from where you left off. There is also a level select feature and high scores to aim for.

Can you save the kingdom? If you think you can then you have to Keep In Play.
What’s new in Version 1.2.1
Fix for issue introduced in 1.2…niQue.ipa.html