LOHO Baseball v1.1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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It corresponded to GameCenter!!
A high score can compete with a user all over the world by a new mode ‘Home run chase’.

It is a baseball game.
Pull-Swing-System that can control batting power,
and, possible play by the one hand handhold posture is a charm!

- ‘Home run chase’ (for GameCenter)
The stricken number of home runs competes with 20 balls.
The added score doubles from a basic point when the home run is continued.

- ‘Tutorial mode’ is added.
Mode that learns operation while following tutorial explanation.
The game beginner can also play easily.

[How to Batting]
“Pull-swing system” has two procedures that are called “Take a stance” and “Swing”.
The order is a flow “Swing => Take a stance”.

- Take a stance
It touches by the finger under the home base.
Then, the bat is induced to the place touched, and the batting power meter appears.
This state of power is said, “Weak swing”.
Next, let’s move the finger in the state of touching straight at the left of the batter.
Reaches the vertical angle of the bat will stop homing. This is the maximum power! !
This state is said, “Strong swing”.

- Swing
Please separate the finger that touches the screen.
Let’s swing according to the timing of which the ball comes.

When the runner is collected by the hit, let’s decide the home run by strong swing!

[How to Pitching]
It can be a lever operation and be throw division into the course as for the junk ball and the straight ball.
Straight ball ⇔ junk ball changes the pitcher tapping.
In addition, when it touches the right arrow button, the pitcher alternation is also possible!
Let’s aim at clearness in all stages while making enemy’s pitcher a companion.

[How to Defense/Running]
It is possible to concentrate on batting and the pitching, and it is possible to play smoothly.

[Game stage explanation]
LV1:Start from bottom of 9TH.It only aims at the game-ending hit!
LV2:Start from top of 9TH.The first pitching can be experienced. Defend leading!
LV3:Two innings from top of 8th.Chance to handle added pitcher!

Both of stage to LV10 different situations.
Let’s grip victory passing through adversity by your slug!