Alone v1.7 iPhone and iPod Touch

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After a terrible chemical-warfare attack, your city is in ruins. Help your character through the traps and surprises that lie in wait.
You are “Alone”. Everyone has evacuated the city and the ones who didn’t make on time… well, they don’t look too good!
Find a vaccine for yourself before its too late. Your girlfriend may already be infected, so you must find a cure for her. Get everything you need to survive in the city. There are rumours of an antidote at some military installations near the city. And lots more. Check the story of each level to see which are your objectives.
“Alone” is a classic isometric platformer game, room based. It uses simple controls and it’s easy to play. It will probably remember you those wonderful ZX Spectrum isometric games!

- Enjoy the power of unlimited levels and, before you are done with all of them, we will have some more available to download. Just visit the downloads section from time to time
- Don’t worry about saving the game, we automatically do this for you. We bring you peace of mind so you always can resume your game at any time you like
- Automatic left and right landscape mode
- Supports English and Spanish
- Two different modes to control the game

- We are currently working in new levels. If you thought the previous levels were easy… well, wait to play these ones!…9-M95.ipa.html