Santa’s Christmas Village 17-in-1 v1.0.10 by STROM

★★★★★ Rated #1 in “Best Santa Games” by iTunes US App Store (Dec 2009).

What’s Christmas without seasonal pictures, festive songs, fun activities and of course, Santa? Santa’s Christmas Village has 17 fun games that will get you into the Christmas spirit no matter what the time of year. Santa’s Christmas Village’s hand drawn, computer painted graphics and original, seasonal folk music, classic Christmas tunes (over 25 songs included!) and classic and original games let the whole family participate in the fun.

Select the game by moving around the village and clicking on the animated buildings and items. The 17 games are:

Mahjong – Enjoy this relaxing game with love Christmas backgrounds and music.
Reversi – Play this fun game with a Candy Cane twist. 1 player and 2 player games.
Checkers – The classic board game is brought to life with a fun Christmas cookie theme! 1 player and 2 player games.
Sudoku – Hang the 9 different Christmas ornaments using Sudoku rules.
Four In A Row – Line up the ornaments with jazzy music in the background. The first one with 4 in a row wins. 1 player and 2 player games.
Word Search – Find the words related to different categories in this word search game with fun Christmas theme.
Solitaire – Play Klondike 3 with a Christmas theme. Relax and enjoy this classic game in portrait or landscape mode.
Minesweeper – This is just like minesweeper, but here you apply logic to avoid opening the gifts that have clothes in them. Who wants to get clothes at Christmas, right?
Hangman – Guess the Christmas themed words before the snowman melts away while beautiful Christmas guitar music play in the background.
Dots – play the pencil and paper game where you connect dots to make boxes. 1 player and 2 player games.
Tic Tac Toe – You get to be Santa (as the O) playing against the elves (as the X). Fun little animations make this one a joy to watch. Both 1 player and 2 player games are supported.
Oh Christmas Tree! – Think of the Simon game but with 7 bells on a Christmas Tree. You will feel like a real musician as you play them in the same order as given by the app. A new bell is added at the end of each round of played bells to stretch your mind.
Reindeer Memory – In this memory/concentration game you match up the reindeer while learning their names. In round 2 you match up the items to help everyone get to the Christmas party.
Santa’s List – His list of children who have been naughty and nice is really long and it needs to be sorted. By matching names that start with the first letter shown on the screen, young Santa’s helpers get the good boys and girls separated from the bad ones in no time at all. Round 2 has the letter anywhere and round 3 has 2 letters anywhere.
Snowman Math – Build a snowman by answering simple addition and subtraction problems. This one gets rave reviews from younger players!
Night Before Christmas – Of course the toys have to be delivered and that’s a big job. The elves are already so busy and Santa could sure use some help planning out his route. In the Night Before Christmas activity section, players navigate Santa’s sleigh. Once on his way, he’s counting on his helpers to remember the order of the continents that Santa needs to deliver presents to, so that all the good boys and girls get their gifts.
Bear Piano – In easy mode, your young one can play the Bear Piano by just clicking on the Christmas bears. It’s sure to get some happy giggles from your little musician. In medium or difficult setting, they can also record and play back their own creations. In “Hard” mode you can learn these 4 classic songs: Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Your Boat and London Bridge. Just tap the bears when the falling stars line up with the star containers.

You will love playing Santa’s Christmas Village. The sooner you grab this app, the faster you can enjoy this beautiful, unique and entertaining experience.

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