Count Entyne Counting Adventure 1.08 by STORM

Count Entyne Counting Adventure contains many activities to help learn numbers and counting. Match the number with the card that has that number of things on it to clear the board. The numbers are all made from petals of real roses and the objects all have a Valentine/love theme. Number pronunciation occurs when a match is made. This is a great game for your younger children.

Now with interactive gallery and popup quiz so you can touch, listen, learn and test the knowledge gained.

♥ Matching of 8 numbers at a time.
♥ Great background music and sound effects.
♥ Fun and educational at the same.
♥ A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration.
♥ A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.
♥ Option to change the voice announcing the numbers. You can choose between child (English), adult (English) and Spanish.
♥ Gallery mode so your child can study the numbers and count the lovely things.
♥ Popup quiz to test the knowledge gained.
♥ Head 2 Head system for 2 players at once in fun turn based game. This is great for siblings, parent/child and among friends.

Thanks for buying Count Entyne Counting Adventure!

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