Johnny Rock 1.3 by STORM

Johnny Rock is an entertaining and addictive game.
Just connect atleast 4 blue “rock fists” and/or red “flaming skulls” and kaboom, the neighbour blocks explode!


- story mode: help Johnny in his journey to become a rockstar legend!
- funny characters and dialogs
- awsome rock music from a real rock musician
- 9 unique music tracks
- more than 100 levels
- redeem bonus score points for new bombs
- trophies
- highscore
- 7 game modes:
* Touch to much: Collect all the flashing objects on the playfield.
* Wrathchild: Destroy all the objects on the playfield.
* Master Blaster: Place the falling bombs so that the first explosion destroys all the other bombs.
* Liberate: Destroy blocks above characters or objects to set them free.
* Highway to hell: Try to bias the direction of the blast with the arrows to destroy all the flashing objects.
* Unplugged: Build a continous bridge by using the fallen objects between the two endpoints.
* Rock-o-meter/Concert: The more frequently you make blasts the higher the rock-o-meter will rise. The goal is to make it reach the top of the screen. Beware, it will fall if no explosions occur.

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