Plane Wars 1.0 by STORM

Are you an extreme gamer who is addicted to action and adventures games? Get ready to enter the deadly world of Plane Wars! Plane Wars is a challenging and thrilling action game which will definitely stun you.

In Plane Wars you are an army soldier and your mission is to save yourself from the destructive force of the enemy helicopters and fight your way to safety. Get the highest score possible by shooting down the plane while taking the least amount of damage. As you progress through the game the plane get more powerful and shoot faster. Be careful!


♦Ten Hazardous and Sensational zones.
♦High quality graphics and striking backgrounds.
♦Exciting and inspirational music on each zone.
♦Four different weapons
♦Helicopters are self maneuverable and tough to destroy.
♦New life on each new stage.
♦Get detailed help on the “help” page in the game.
♦You can submit your score anytime you want.

Take part in the exciting and challenging battle of eliminating helicopters and planes to fight your way to freedom now!

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