Sheep – A Card Game v1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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Shen Games first iPhone game! A simple and fast card game that mixes the gameplay of solitaire and fencing renegade sheep! Choose wisely as you decide which fence cards are to be used on which sheep cards. Sometimes spending more is required, but spending the exact amount get you bonus points!

Consider this a Solitaire Lite… for people of all ages… who like sheep.

* Game saves your high score
* No “forced” sound FX or music so you can play your own!
* Quick pick-up-and-go gameplay
What’s new in Version 1.1
1. Updated Bonus and Value graphics during game to bring more attention to point values.
2. Implemented “Replay” button during game so you can restart when you’re having a bad game.
3. High Score saves date as well as score.
4. Game will let you know if you’ve achieved a new high score.…PDA5D.ipa.html