AR.Pursuit 1.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

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AR.Pursuit is the first multi-player game developed for the AR.Drone!

AR. Pursuit will help you become an ACE pilot:

AR.Pursuit pinpoints the outstanding technical and flight capabilities of the AR.Drone, allowing the players to put their piloting skills to the test. This game demonstrates the extreme maneuverability and stability of the AR.Drone. Players are immerged in a world where real and virtual mix inside a pursuit race…a truly unique experience!

How to Play:

Player one, the hunter, pursues player two, attempting to bring him down with virtual missiles. Once caught, the players change roles and a new pursuit begins!

The object of the game is to escape as long as possible from the hunter’s missles. The longer you avoid being hit, the more points you accumulate.

Challenge your friends and experience a totally new way to play video games!

Works best on iPod Touch 3G and 4G, iPhone 3GS and 4 and iPad, and with iOS4 and later. Not recommended for iPhone 1, 3G and iPod Touch 1/2G and iOS < 4.
What’s new in Version 1.0
- BlueTooth is used by both users iPhones for sharing game data.
- Players have to acknowledge role inversion by shaking their iPhones.…1.0.0.ipa.html