Fantasy Gem 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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‘Fantasy Gem’ is now available for your iphone and ipad!

It’s a game full of challenge, and easy to play!

It is the first work of our “Fantasy” game series, and the others are coming soon!

Customer Reviews:

“I got it today, it’s cute but harder than it looks!! Gameplay is like castlevanina puzzle type. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. “
—-lacedolphin from

“Very interesting game with “Anime-style” graphics. “
—-Andrey1610 from

“looks nice, the art work is really nice.”
—-Bucko from

“Nice game. Haven’t gotten too far into the story so not sure there’s much more too it than a tournament you enter. But the gameplay is fun and similar to games like Super Puzzle Fighter.”
—-awp69 from

* Easy to play and control,just like those classical games.
* Brilliant graphics, beautiful characters and backgrounds.
* Interesting story, wonderful music and sound effect.
* Find hidden characters and get the best evaluation.
* Simple and enjoyable game!

How to play:
- Player can control those color balls which fall from the top of the box.
- Place four balls with the same color together, they will be cleared!
- The Grey ball will be sent to the opponent’s box.
- The goal of this game is to make your opponent’s box full of balls, then you will be the winner! Try it now!

Story Mode:
Silvia is the little heroine who is a smart and pretty 14 years old girl in our story, and she is clever enough to defeat the strongest ones in the Gem Puzzle.
Players need to lead Silvia to win The Gem Puzzle match!

Free Mode:
- Complete the story mode and find hidden characters !
- 8 different specific characters could be selected, from little Silvia to elf princess!
- Challenge the strongest opponent to get the great evaluation!
- To win the victory of the Gem Puzzle with your skill, come on!

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With your skillfull finger , a rapid response and some patience , you will be the hero.
Don’t hesitate any more , it’s your game , download and play it , you’ll never regret it!…b1971.ipa.html