Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes v103 by STORM

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Cartoon Wars 2 is an arcade war game that has been adopted from two previous successful games: Cartoon Wars and Cartoon Wars: Gunner. This new game is simple and enjoyable.

After long-fought battle, Captain J expelled King K and his army, and the people anoint Captain J as their new King. The people believed there will finally be peace. However, King K and his army promise to take revenge on Captain J, so they go on a journey in search of the King of the Monsters TALOS…

-80 different kinds of units
-20 different skills
-Stronger strategy with the new addition of aircraft units
- 6 heroes
-Create and develop your hero through the hero mode
- Choice of various missions before battle
- Various upgrading systems

User say:
- Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes Not Your Typical Stick Figures!!!
- This should be illegal – Cause I’m going to have sleep deprivation thanks to this game. It is simply amazing!
- Fans of the original Cartoon Wars are in for a treat with Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes and those that skipped the original will appreciate the added depth and variety the heroes bring to the game.
- Great gameplay, LOVE the variety and the mix-up of the previous two games.
- Good Sequel – Most sequels in games are bad but this is a master piece buy it now.
- Another Epic by Blue!!! – Definitely welcomed into the (hopefully growing farther) cartoon wars trilogy!!!
- When I first played Cartoon Wars 2 on my iPhone, I regretted buying it. Now, I’m utterly addicted to it!!!
- Favorite app! – this is by far my favorie app ever! ive been playing it nonstop since 3pm and now its 8pm…

- Use the bow and arrows effectively at the beginning of the game to gain time to upgrade the Mana Booster first. The key to the victory is to make many units at once.
- Try ‘Gold into Mana’ skill if Boss is giving you hardship.
- If particular stages are too difficult, try the ‘Beginnerís’ level in the Option. Changing the difficulty will NOT reset your data.
- It can get difficult to win the Boss stages if the Bow related skills are not upgraded at all.
- Is it too annoying to ‘Save’ the game each time? Try the ‘Auto-Save’ feature in the Option.
- Donít like tilting to move around the map? Turn off the ‘Tilt’ in the Option menu.
- SP for the hero can be shared with other heroes. It is good strategy to save SP for the Heroes that you will purchase later in the game.
- Air Units are available from Act 4 and on.

=======UPDATE INFO=========
version 1.0.1:
-Fixed bugs.
-Added ‘Beginner’s level’.
-Added ‘Auto-Save’.

version 1.0.3:
-Christmas Event Mode’ is added
-New Mode (HELL MODE)
-Game Cnter Support
-RETINA Icon Support
-Fix some bugs

-You may purchase SP with GOLD.
-The hero can change their weapon once their level reaches the MAX (LV20).

——–Main Update Plan———
version 1.0.5:
-Add New Mode.

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