Trucks and Skulls 1.1.1

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This is the physics puzzler you’ve been waiting for! Smash NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS!

Introductory sale price — get your copy of Trucks & Skulls now, before the price goes up!

VERSION 1.1 NOTE: You must complete all levels in Episode 3 before the new Episode 4 levels will unlock. Returning players who defeated all levels in version 1.0 will need to re-play L42 in Episode 3 before Episode 4 levels will unlock. Sorry for the trouble and a smoother transition will appear in our next update!

Join the INSANE STUNT CIRCUS on the TOUR OF DOOM, demolishing steel fortresses on Hell’s Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, and Industrial Armageddon. Rev up your engines and launch your trucks from the Screamstrip Ramp, then tap the screen to make them pull stunts and EXPLODE as they crash into buildings and scaffolds to destroy lurking, leering skulls.

Trucks & Skulls is easy to play and loaded with explosions, collapsing buildings, wicked cool art, and the most epic collection of Monster Trucks ever!

DOOMSTONE — Use this armored semi truck to smash down concrete and steel defenses!

DIVEOSAURUS — This one man rocket needles through the narrowest gaps, and twists and turns to bring down death from above!

INSANERATOR — Bloated, loaded with fuel, and explodes on a hair trigger!

THRUST MONSTER — Fast, furious, and won’t take “no” for an answer!

BOMBZILLA — Your buzz-bombing bunker-buster, arcing high above the fray and dropping hellbombs on target!

TRICLOPS — The truck that flies into the air, and then bursts into a hail of deadly missiles!

Command BRUTE FORCE and EXPLODING TRUCKS to solve the most diabolical physics-based puzzles ever! Smash into obstacles that shatter, explode, and cartwheel through the air. Bank your trucks on bumpers to reach new heights of destruction! Blow up those mocking skulls to clear the level, but watch out for BUBBLING LAVA PITS! That’s right, Trucks & Skulls is LOADED with lava… because EVERYTHING is BETTER with LAVA!

Get TRUCKS & SKULLS — the crazy, explosive physics-based puzzler from the evil geniuses at Appy Entertainment, creators of FaceFighter and the All-In-1 ZombieBox. Rev up your trucks and blow those skulls sky-high today!…-WYSE.ipa.html