Epic Truck 1.0 by STORM

With great physics, awesome shocks and crazy impacts, Epic Truck features off-road action along the scenic and very dangerous Desert Ridge.


Gas Pedal – The right side of the screen is the gas pedal so press further down to go faster. Move gas finger up to slow down and get a better grip. Move gas finger down to go fast. Release gas to stop. You can even pop a wheelie, but too much gas too fast can flip the truck. Get a feel for it by easing off the gas or tapping it to adjust speed. When in the air off of a jump, hold the gas to flip backward or release to level off.

Tilt- Tilting the screen Left and Right makes the truck lean Forward and Back. Tilt also works in the air so use it to level off for great landings. Tilt also affects grip- ie. to make the front tires have more grip, tilt the truck forward by leaning the device to the right. Tilt and adjust gas for best times.


Easy to pick up difficult to master.
Leaderboards for All Races combined and for each event.
23 Achievements such as “Zombie Truck- finish a race with just your front tires”
Finish all 10 races to optionally submit your scores to the Leaderboards.
Your Epic Truck can take damage and even throw a tire, but you can still complete the race as long as you can get to the finish.
Quick reset button for deathly drops, broken axles and unfortunate flips.
Race tracks in any order by touching the race name in Race Select.
Race the next track by pressing the start button in the bottom right corner of Race Select.
You can even retry a track and replace the previous time by just pressing the race time in Race Select.
The truck feels like it has weight with giant “gushy” shocks.
HD rendering at full resolution.
3D realtime physics

Have fun and good luck!

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