iCannons v1.3.1 iPhone and iPod Touch</p> Click here to enlarge

iCannon is a fun physics based game where you shoot at boxes and people to get enough points to proceed to the next level. iCannon includes 23 challenging highly colourful levels where you test your shooting skills and challenge your friends to beat your high scores. iCannon is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours, whether your waiting for a bus, on the train, or just bored.
What’s new in Version 1.3.1
- Removed Ball Number Bug

- Unglossy Icon
- Improved Loading TIme
- Improved Performance
- Improved Collision Engine
- Fixed No Menu Bug

- Improved Loading Time
- Improved Stability
- Fixed Crashing
- Engine Update

- Revamped Menus
- Revamped Game
- Revamped Levels