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28th November: Get Gambol for free now!

Attention: Easy to pick up, but hard to put down!

Appmodo.com says:
No doubt about it, Gambol is one of the most highly recommended games!

Jump, run, and fly in Gambol, the best mobile ball platformer in the App Store!

Use your aptitude and accuracy to navigate through springboards, chains, rotors, barriers and many more obstacles in over 70 levels!

Use springboards, chains, rotors, barriers and many more!

Itīs up to you to show Gambol the way!

Discover several level, which will claim your total attention.

Number of level:
More than 70 unique levels in four different challenges:
The Beginning
New Horizon
Deep Blue

Are you creative enough to build your own levels with the in-game level editor?
Upload your customized levels, so that other Gambol players around the world can try and beat them!

Download more custom levels created by other Gambol players.
You will be thrilled and amazed by the unlimited possibilities of level-building.
Are you good enough to master all the levels in the Arena? Prove your skills!

More than 30 different objects at your disposal! All objects can be used to help show Gambol the way. There are no restrictions when combining each of them!

Three different balls are available:
Power-Ball (yellow)
Metal-Ball (silver)
Ballon (blue)