Monkey Burps! 1.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

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“Getting tired of Cut the Rope and Angry Birds? Fancy something new? Monkey Burps could be just what you’re after…” POCKET GAMER FR

“Innvovative and with a vast range of gameplay, Monkey Burps is a great game” APPLICATION IPHONE

“Monkey Burps! is one of those games that combine fun and addiction” JEUXIPHONE


“He who burps, bubble” Monkey proverb

GIVE FIZZY DRINKS to the thirsty monkeys. PAT THEIR BELLIES (extended by the fizz) to wind them. BURST THE BUBBLES to get points and pump up your score. Compete in real time against the scores of players world wide!

Quick! The monkeys are thirsty! And watch out because in Monkey Burps they’re tricky customers….

A thirsty MONKEY is a GRUMPY monkey ; he spins around farting out black bubbles that pollute the atmosphere leading to game-over.
=> ONE STROKE from head to toe will bring your monkey out of his sulk and he can continue but don’t forget to give him a drink now! You can cajole a monkey out of a sulk only twice.

A monkey full of wind will blow away: this makes the level of pollution in the atmosphere increase.
A coloured bubble that you fail to pop will float away this again makes the level of pollution in the atmosphere increase.

If you ply A MONKEY with too much drink (red indicates the « party » drinks), he will start partying but the next minute he’ll be fast ASLEEP.
=> SHAKE THE IPHONE/iPodTouch to wake the monkey who has dropped off after too much partying. So don’t forget to alternate between soft drinks (indicated in green) and party drinks now! You can wake up a sleeping monkey only twice.


QUICK GAME: no need to download, instant gratification!
FREE MUSIC: listen to your own tracks while you play or the game’s- it is your choice!
SIMPLE GAME: give the monkey a drink, wind him and burst his bubbles…
FUN GAME: shake, stroke, pat, burst, splash…
PROGRESSIVE GAME: the more monkeys there are the trickier it all is to control!
ADDICTIVE GAME: combos, bonus drinks, the statistics help you increase your score all the time, and the leaderboard allows you to keep track of your score on the way to the top!

Discover ways of beating your friends, your family or your direct opponent the other side of the world!

– Monkey 1 : What’s Game-over mean?
– Monkey 2 : Shan’t say!
– Monkey 3 : Still sulking, Monkey 2?
– Monkey 4 : Stroke his back, that’ll cheer him up!
– Monkey 5 : Don’t want to state the obvious, Monkey, but drinking too much pop gives you wind: pat that pot belly to see those bubbles come: -)
– Monkey 2 : No that’s wind ! Game-over is when you have lost and you’re well fed up ‘cos you were 300 points away from high score…