FunWithDeath 1.1

Last Update: 30/11/2010
Genre: Games / Puzzle / Action / Entertainment
Languages: EN
iDevice compatible: All
App version: 1.1
Size: 29.30Mo

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Step into the sandals of Death – The Grim Reaper himself- an employee of Karma, Inc., Purgatory’s largest and most efficient soul processing facility. A freak accident disrupts production. Now the good souls on the up escalators to the Almighty teeter perilously on the precipice to the Underworld. Grab your scythe, customize your levels and use the destructive power of your Imps to destroy the bad souls while protecting the good. Fun with Death is an easy-to-learn puzzle game that puts an entirely new spin on the catapult genre. It combines outstanding graphics, level customization and physics-based Rube-Goldberg like mayhem in 60 unique levels. Ready to have FUN WITH DEATH?

The bad souls (red guys) are a motley group of former Wall Street bankers, mob kingpins, lawyers and politicians and it’s your job to destroy all of them in a given level. Earn points and more halos by keeping the good souls (blue guys) intact. Those red guys definitely have it coming, now go out there and do your job!

Saving souls ain’t easy, but you’re not alone. You’ll have three Imps – Heavy, Shield and Sticky – at your disposal. These critters are the ammo you throw in each map, and each one has a unique function. Heavy is good at breaking stuff, Shield forms a protective shield around a soul, allowing them to be used as physics objects and Sticky attaches to surfaces and explodes. The controls are simple, intuitive and fun!

The key to success is to use the wide-range of powerful level objects in a given map and link together hilarious chain reactions that wipe out your targets. A hammer will send steel balls flying. Cogs will channel objects into a given area. Conveyor belts will deposit souls into pits. There are a variety of ways of completing each map, but you’ll earn more halos by using as many of these tools as possible.

Customization is key! At the start of each round, you can add objects- such as sticks of dynamite, ramps and steel balls – into the map that will dramatically alter the outcome. Place them into the map and then go for broke! You’ll earn more points for placing fewer objects, so finding that right balance of placed objects and skilled throws will pave the way for a destructive victory!

Unlock achievements as you play through the game and battle your way to the top of the worldwide leaderboards!…b1971.ipa.html