123 POP 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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123 POP, is a challenging puzzle game for all ages. Simple to play, hard to put down.

Touch numbers 1-10 as they fly around a surreal environment that is populated by vortexes, rockets, magical stars and the occasional leaping whale.

To score points, touch 1 number. Then touch a second number.
The third number you touch must be the sum of the first and second number. Points are earned for every correct sequence.
The player has 60 seconds to reach the target amount. If the
player has scored above the target number when the timer runs out, the player has earned another round of 60 seconds.

Sound easy?
But watch out for beasts that leap out of the ocean or vortexes that gobble up the numbers. Moreover, The numbers are all in motion, reacting to physics so you'll have to be quick to make a sequence. Your hope to reach the highscore is to enlist the help of rockets and magic stars.

The rockets are launched with a simple touch. When launched, your score is increased by any numbers your rocket collides with.

The magical stars when touched, will pop any numbers in range and add those numbers to your score.

* Supports 2G, 3G, 3Gs and iOS4 devices *


- Player can type in name when high score is beat and
name and highscore are saved to the device.

- Challenging game mechanic for the whole family.

- Brain teaser that exercises the mind.

- Helps children learn basic math in a fun and unique way.

- Difficulty level can be set to EASY, NORMAL, HARD.

- Physics based animation and stylized graphics,

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123 POP created by
Peter Lacalamita
What's new in Version 1.1
Minor: Added small animation to star character.