Pat machine BashBash 1.4 iPhone and iPod Touch

Looking for Excellent arcade style reaction/reflex type game, challenging players eye-hand-coordination, speed, anticipation? Beat the Worldwide Highest Score with <Master Level> in Game Center!

Button bashing as it is meant to be! "Bash bash!" takes you back to the good old arcade days, when games were still intuitive, simplistic and fun! Featuring 12 mini games, complete the challenges by bashing the three buttons at the right times! Your wits, reflexes, luck -- give all you got to get through the missions and crash our lederboards! Remember, this ain't your ordinary rhythm game!

"Bashbash! - a 100% homebrew production from Hong Kong, takes a unique twist by fusing old skool arcade games with strongly local themed visuals and elements. The extra touch of nostalgia adds to the fun and general appeal of the game".

Virtual China town:
- Tired of zombies, goblins and space marines? Get a taste for lion dances, dim sums, curry fish balls and double decker buses! ! Games and levels in were designed with an authentic oriental flavor in mind. hmmmmyummmy!!

Camera Shy No More:
- Be in the game! Take snaps with iPhone's camera and see your buddies appearing in the game. Built-in face detection helps you capture their heads much easier.

What's new in Version 1.4
1. New VS Modes on Bluetooth / Local WiFi, or through Game Center Auto-match / Invite Friend features for online play on 3G/Wifi networks, for 11 games
2. New Random 5 Mode for Single and VS
3. New 6 stamps / achievements for Arcade Mode
4. Enhanced graphics