Emoji Emoticons Pro 1.1 iPhone

Enough with boring text messages, emails and notes! Now itís time to express yourself in a new and creative way with Emoji!

Discover hundreds of uniquely designed emoticons in 5 different categories that will spice up your messages and brighten up your day! After you added Emoji keyboard, tap the Globe button to the left of the space bar to switch to a new keyboard and make use of unique Emoji Icons in SMS, Email, Notes, Contacts, Calendar Ė in any application on your iPhone that uses keyboard!

Choose from Smileys, People, Animals, Food, Places, Clothing, Sports, Transportation, Technology, Religion, Music and so much more!!

Never used Emoji before? No problem. We included detailed step-by-step instructions!

Grab Emoji Emotions Pro now and get ready to impress your friends! Enjoy!

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