Sketch Club 1.8 iPhone

Everyone needs a drawing app and if you get just one it should totally be Sketch Club!! Okay there are some others that are pretty sweet too but only Sketch Club combines traditional digital brushes with incredible procedural brushes, flowing text brush, and old school pixel art! Also only Sketch Club has the wonderful multitouch canvas rotate and zoom, built in recording of speed paint sessions and YouTube integration, and integrated online community where you can upload your creations, view and rate what others create, and compete in fun competitions to win fabulous prizes!

Sketch Club has been out for six months and has already had seven major updates, each including new features and changes requested by Sketch Club users! The online site which you can visit through the app or at is also being updated regularly to grow alongside the app and community.

Sketch Club is also a universal binary so you can use it on both the iPad and the iPhone + iPod Touch.

Like features? Sketch Club has those!
- Many painting tools: brush, eraser, fur, grass, pen, pixels, sketchy, smooth, smudge, text, and vector
- Brush alone has 40 tips and tons of settings to explore
- Velocity based scale and opacity
- 5 layers to sketch or paint on plus layer blend modes and operations
- Auto-save
- AirPrint support
- Undo and redo
- Pinch to zoom, pan, and rotate
- Push notifications for online activity on your sketches
- Color picker and color sampling from canvas
- Record videos, set to music, and upload to YouTube all within the app!!
- Loading and saving to save slots
- Portrait and landscape support for iPad
- Export to photo library, upload to Facebook, or e-mail
- VGA and HDMI output
- Integration with online gallery and community
- Weekly competitions with prizes like gift cards, art books, styluses, and iPads!

Thanks to Sketch Club artists Pastor Bob, Tirzah, TheKirill and Chris for their wonderful art in the screenshots!

Join us in Sketch Club today!

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