Measure Map Pro 3.0 iPhone

Measure Map Pro lets you quickly and easily measure multiple distances, perimeters and areas with laser sharp precision! It even takes into account the curvature of the earth’s surface. Use it for small areas or large, then share your findings via iTunes or email. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Calculate surface areas, buildings, plots, floors, forest areas or dimensions for fencing, sports tours, trips or anything you need for field work without having to go to the spot to take measurements. Only one finger to calculate with astonishing accuracy all these measurements over satellite images from Googl. Maps.

That’s what Measure Map Pro is for, to put a powerful, portable measuring tool right in the palm of your hand. Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can now provide you with totally precise measurements of any distance, from as small as one tenth of a meter to as big as thousands of kilometers or miles, even taking the curvature of the earth’s surface into account when measuring. It does all that, fast and effortlessly.

Just one “magic” button for all the operations to easily place points without loosing it’s professional accuracy, then share your measurements through email, dropBox or iTunes. You can even publish them online.

Look at the impressive features you get in Measure Map Pro:
* Attractive, smooth, easy navigation and use
* For iPhone and iPad
* Retina display
* Diplays G. Maps View: Map, Satellite and hybrid
* Operations: Add, delete intermediate pins, insert between pins, move pins, get info.
* Multiple areas and routes on screen
* Undo and redo operations as needed
* AirPrint
* Calculates azimuth or bearing
* Search for current location, text (villages, places of interest, etc.) or an area or route
* Works for Metric and Imperial measurements
* Length: meters, kilometers, area, hectare, feet, yards, miles, nautical miles, ken, ri, bù, lǐ,
* Surface: square meters and kilometers, area, hectares, square foot, square yards, square miles, acres, fanegas (Valencian, Castilian or Colombian), tsubo, bu, so, lí, mǔ
* Intermediate distances between pins can be displayed
* Ability to select color and thickness of the perimeter line.
* Ability to select the color and transparency of the selected area.
* Working format: Measure Map, KML (Googl. Earth), CSV (Excel), Image (PNG) and PDF
* Export and import of surfaces and routes via e-mail.
* Export and import of surfaces and routes via iTunes.
* Export and import of surfaces and routes via Dropbox.
* Save to photo album
* Download surfaces and routes from the Internet.
* Device browser will open with Measure Map all URLs that start with mmp:// and link to a file generated by Measure Map Pro (.mmp)

Differences with the no-pro version:
* Calculates multiple areas and routes simultaneously
* More precision. From one tenth of a meter or foot.
* Calculates azimuth or bearing (take into account that for long distances the measurement may seem wrong, but it’s due to the Mercator projection of the world map. The measurements are right.
* Future improvements will be incorporated to the professional version
* Warning: Using iPad 1 with several apps in the background may affect the performance of the memory managed by Measure Map Pro

If precise measurements are important to you, this is the app you need. You won’t find one that is better, more accurate and easier to use.

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