iPlanner USA 3.3 iPhone

iPlanner is designed to help you keep track of important events in your life – iPlanner is useful for scheduling everything from work shifts to bill payment reminders, days off work to tracking chores for the kids!

Supporting 2010 and 2015 this application has been re-written from the ground up and includes a totally overhauled user-interface along with a plethora of feature and performance updates requested by the users of the original application.

Working entirely in the iPhone’s landscape format the application is very easy to use, with intuitive controls and a pleasing design. Now updated with many more features requested by our thousands of customers world-wide!

*****Key Features of iPlanner:*****

**Clear and Simple User Interface!**
iPlanners UI has been designed with ease of use in mind, national holidays, weekends and today’s date are clearly marked.

**Icon and colour based calendar items!**
Event Categories (The basis of all events) are easily distinguished between as you can choose from a number of preset colour backgrounds or icons to give a unique and recognisable appearance! Or simply Upload your own Custom Icon using a WIFI Connection.

**Mutliple Events Per Day!**
The most requested update for iPlanner, now you can have as many events per day as you like! Not only that we have redesigned the way events are shown so it is dead easy to view them also! Further to this we have streamlined the editing process from v1.0 so now it is easier than ever to manage your events!

**Recurring events now easier than ever!**
Now it’s never been easier to create recurring events thanks to our redesigned event creation system. Now you can easily add events that recurr over varying periods upto 52 times!

**Many ways to view your events!**
In iPlanner you can view 2 quarters at a time, for a broad view of the year ahead, or perhaps you would prefer to view just one month or only one Week – no problem – iPlanner also supports a daily view which lists all your events on any given day, with a quick view button to view today’s events! A Holiday View shows you all Public Holidays in your Country/Region.

**Backup and iCal Subscription**
Backup your Data and Subscribe to the Calendar within iCal oder GCal.

9 Languages and Public Holidays for over 20 countries.

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