StarMap 3D 2.76 iPhone

Explore the Universe: StarMap 3D is the portable star atlas for beginners or advanced astronomers. No need to cart around bulky, printed star maps! Use StarMap 3D to find the stars, star clusters, constellations, planets, galaxies, and nebulae visible to you based on your location and time. StarMap 3D will even use the built-in compass to automatically align the map if you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4G! wCheck out StarMap 3D Plus for iPad support, more stars, thousands of Deep Sky Objects, and original constellation artwork.

Tested and works well with iOS 4 (aka iPhone OS 4) and still works well with iPhone OS 3.x

Support for 28 Languages

Night-vision mode (red screen) and brightness adjustment

Milky Way

Four grid styles: Equatorial, Ecliptic, Galactic, Altazimuthal

Over 15,000 stars

Each star includes information such as distance, spectral class, and absolute magnitude

303 deep sky objects

Each deep-sky object includes information such as object distance, diameter, Hubble classifications for galaxies, and concentration classifications for globular and open clusters

All 88 modern constellations

Constellations lines based on the outlines from “The Stars: A New Way to See Them” by H.A. Rey

MacRobert and Classic constellation lines also available

Location-based-services (LBS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) support

Manually enter longitude and latitude

Manually specify which time to display

Change time instantaneously and interactively with the Time Scroll feature

Compass support (iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4G only)

Planetarium Mode for seeing only objects visible to you

Whole-Map mode for seeing objects that may not be visible to you

3D Mode for visualizing objects in three-dimensional space

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