CricScore 2.12 (iPhone)

Scoring has never been this easy!

CricScore is a revolutionary way of scoring a cricket match. Using the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad you can easily score a game of cricket, capture the statistics and upload the match scorecard to Here you can access your match scorecards and send them through to friends, family, players and administrators, saving you valuable time and allowing you to track your teams results and performances.

CricScore can now cater for any match type with our flexible match specifications screen. Even the trickiest junior matches can be scored using CricScore!

One touch scoring solution
Eliminates the hassle of uploading scorecards manually
Is designed and developed by cricketers in association with the NZCPA and covers all the quirks of a cricket match
Is detailed enough to accurately score International cricket and flexible enough to cater to all junior rules

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