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Caution: This app may scare you!

The © Ghost Hunter M2 toolkit does include the highly rated EVP transducer at no extra cost!

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© Ghost Hunter M2 is an advanced, yet very easy to use, paranormal investigation toolkit. Don’t let the advanced feature set intimidate you, this toolkit has been specially designed for both the advanced and novice paranormal investigator.

Unlike traditional paranormal investigation equipment, this device has a wide array of sensors controlled by very powerful firmware and operating system. This toolkit utilizes this advanced sensor array to detect and measure disturbances across the electromagnetic and acoustic frequency spectrum, as well as the change of both the magnitude and direction of velocity.

In addition to providing access to the device’s advanced sensor array, © Ghost Hunter M2 assists the paranormal investigator by employing advanced, and proprietary, computational algorithms to analyze and report on various energy fluctuations.

Without a doubt, we believe that © Ghost Hunter M2 is the most complete, precise, and easy to use ghost hunting toolkit available.

Features include:

EVP Instrument
The Electronic Voice Phenomena instrument presents words, in both audio (voice) and visual format, based on an advanced phonetic selection algorithm. Additionally, the EVP instrument will record the EVP sessions for later analysis.

Audio Detection Instrument
The Audio Detection instrument utilizes the device’s acoustic to electric traducer system, driven by a powerful algorithm, to analyze audio signals. This instrument is capable of detecting a very broad range of frequencies, some of which are well outside the range of human hearing. This instrument can be used to detect even the most subtle of acoustic events.
*iPod devices require an external microphone.

EMF Instrument
The EMF instrument uses the iPhone’s magnetometer to measure fluctuations in the surrounding magnetic fields. It is believed that paranormal manifestations cause energy disturbances across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
*Available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Geoscope Instrument
Using an advanced triple-axis redundancy filter, the Geoscope instrument has the ability to magnify even the slightest terrainial, and sub-terrainial fluctuations. This instrument can be used to measure subtle movements (e.g. footsteps) in the physical environment.

Spatial Displacement Instrument
The Spatial Displacement instrument uses a powerful, and proprietary, algorithm to analyze the data presented by the system’s electro-mechanical sensor array. Similar to the Geoscope instrument, this instrument can be used to measure subtle disturbances in the physical environment.

This toolkit is designed to aid you, the paranormal investigator, in the identification of unexplained phenomena. However, as advanced as this toolkit is, it cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of paranormal entities (e.g. ghosts). For this reason, this toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for the use, misuse, or interpretation of this software.

Again, please contact us at Click here to enlarge for any questions, comments, concerns, etc. that you may have.

What’s New

1) Added "Degaussing" feature to EMF instrument.
2) Fixed issue with EMF instrument not reporting the incompatibility of iPod devices.
3) Limit the number of times the button scroll will auto scroll at start up.…7-nzo.ipa.html